Is Discord Server Boost Forever?


Scott Campbell

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to create and join servers, where they can chat, voice call, and share various forms of media. One of the exciting features offered by Discord is the ability to boost a server.

But the question that often arises is, “Is Discord server boost forever?” Let’s delve into this topic and explore the details.

What is Server Boosting?

Server boosting is a way for users to support their favorite servers on Discord. By using their Nitro subscription or purchasing additional boosts, users can enhance a server’s features and perks. When a server receives boosts, it gains various benefits such as improved audio quality, higher upload limits for files and images, custom server URLs, and more.

The Perks of Boosting

Boosting a server not only helps the community grow but also provides exclusive advantages to the boosters themselves. When users boost a server, they receive special recognition badges that are displayed next to their usernames. These badges reflect their contribution and loyalty towards the community.

Furthermore, depending on the number of boosts a server accumulates, it unlocks different levels of perks. For example:

  • Level 1: Unlocks an enhanced audio quality for voice channels.
  • Level 2: Enables animated server icons.
  • Level 3: Grants access to even higher-quality audio in voice channels.

Note that these perks are subject to change by Discord at any time as they continue to improve and expand their offerings.

The Duration of Server Boosts

The crucial question remains: Are Discord server boosts forever? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

When a user boosts a server, their boost only lasts for a specific period. As of writing this article, each individual boost lasts for 7 days.

However, it’s essential to note that the total number of boosts received by a server determines its boost level. And the boost level is permanent!

Even if individual boosts expire after 7 days, the server’s cumulative boosts contribute to its overall level. So, even if some individual boosts expire, the server may retain its higher perk levels as long as it maintains enough active boosts.

Keeping Your Boost Active

If you want to continue supporting your favorite server and keep your boost active, you have a few options:

  • Renew your boost: After your initial boost expires, you can choose to renew it by using another Nitro subscription or purchasing additional boosts.
  • Gift boosts: You can gift your Nitro subscription or additional boosts to other members of the community who might be interested in supporting the server.

By renewing or gifting boosts, you ensure that the server receives continued support and maintains its perk levels.

In Conclusion

While Discord server boosting does not last forever on an individual basis, the cumulative effect of multiple users boosting a server contributes to its permanent boost level. By understanding this aspect and actively supporting servers through renewals or gifting boosts, users can help their favorite communities thrive and enjoy enhanced features for an extended period.

So go ahead and support your beloved Discord servers through boosting! Your contributions make a significant difference in building vibrant and engaging communities.

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