Is Decimal SQL Data Type?


Angela Bailey

Is Decimal SQL Data Type?

When working with databases, it is essential to understand the different data types available and how they can be used. One common question that arises is whether decimal is a SQL data type. Let’s explore this topic in detail.

What is a Data Type?

In programming languages and database systems, a data type defines the type of data that a variable or column can store. It determines the range of values that can be assigned and the operations that can be performed on them.

The Decimal Data Type

The decimal data type in SQL is used to store numbers with decimal places. It is commonly used for financial and monetary calculations where precision is required. The syntax for declaring a decimal column in SQL varies depending on the database system you are using.

In MySQL, you can declare a decimal column as follows:

column_name DECIMAL(precision, scale);

In Microsoft SQL Server, the syntax looks like this:

column_name DECIMAL(precision, scale);

The precision parameter specifies the total number of digits that can be stored (including both digits before and after the decimal point), while the scale parameter represents the maximum number of digits allowed after the decimal point.


price DECIMAL(10, 2);

In this example, we have defined a column named “price” with a precision of 10 and a scale of 2. This means that it can store up to 10 digits in total, with 2 digits after the decimal point.

Working with Decimal Data

Once you have a decimal column in your database, you can perform various operations on the stored values. These operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When performing calculations on decimal values, it is important to consider the precision and scale specified for the column to ensure accurate results.


The decimal data type is indeed a SQL data type used for storing numbers with decimal places. It provides precision and scale control for accurate calculations. Understanding how to use the decimal data type is crucial in scenarios where precise numeric values are required, such as financial applications.

In this article, we discussed what a data type is and explored the decimal data type in SQL. We also looked at examples of declaring and working with decimal columns. Now that you have a better understanding of the decimal data type, you can confidently use it in your database designs and queries.

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