Is Date a Data Type in VBA?


Scott Campbell

Is Date a Data Type in VBA?

In Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the Date is indeed a data type. It is used to store and manipulate dates and times within VBA code. The Date data type is part of the larger group of data types known as the Variant data type.

The Date Data Type

The Date data type in VBA allows you to work with dates and times in a structured way. It stores dates in the format MM/DD/YYYY and times in the format HH:MM:SS. The range of dates that can be stored in a Date variable is from January 1, 100 AD, to December 31, 9999 AD.

To declare a variable as a Date data type, you can use the following syntax:

Dim MyDate As Date

Date Literals

VBA provides built-in date literals that allow you to assign specific dates directly to variables without using any conversion functions. These date literals include:

  • #mm/dd/yyyy#: Represents a specific date.
  • #mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss#: Represents a specific date and time.
  • #mm/dd/yy#: Represents a two-digit year date.
  • #mmm dd yyyy#: Represents a specific month, day, and year.

For example:

Dim MyDate As Date
MyDate = #12/25/2022# ' Assigns December 25, 2022 to MyDate

Date Functions

VBA provides a variety of built-in functions for working with dates. Some commonly used date functions include:

  • Date(): Returns the current system date.
  • Now(): Returns the current system date and time.
  • Year(date): Returns the year portion of a given date.
  • Month(date): Returns the month portion of a given date.
  • Day(date): Returns the day portion of a given date.

These functions can be used to perform various operations on dates, such as calculating the difference between two dates or extracting specific components of a date.


In VBA, the Date data type is essential for working with dates and times. It provides a structured way to store and manipulate dates within your code. By using the Date data type along with built-in date literals and functions, you can perform various operations on dates and ensure accurate handling of time-related information in your VBA programs.

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