Is CSS a Scripting Language?


Scott Campbell

Is CSS a Scripting Language?

When it comes to web development, there are various technologies that work together to create stunning websites. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is one such technology that plays a crucial role in defining the appearance of a web page.

But is CSS considered a scripting language? Let’s dive deeper into this topic and find out.

What is CSS?

CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in HTML. It controls how HTML elements are displayed on a webpage, including their layout, colors, fonts, and more. By separating the content from its presentation, CSS allows developers to easily make changes to the appearance of multiple pages at once.

Scripting Languages vs. Style Sheet Languages

In order to determine whether CSS is a scripting language or not, we need to understand the difference between scripting languages and style sheet languages.

Scripting languages, such as JavaScript or PHP, are used to create dynamic functionality on websites. They can interact with users, manipulate data, and respond to events like button clicks or form submissions.

Style sheet languages, on the other hand, are focused on defining the visual aspects of a web page. They specify how elements should be displayed but do not have the ability to perform dynamic operations or interact with users directly.

The Role of CSS in Web Development

CSS falls into the category of style sheet languages because its primary purpose is to control the appearance of HTML documents. It allows developers to define styles for different elements and apply those styles consistently across multiple pages.

A typical CSS rule consists of two parts: a selector and one or more declarations. The selector Targets the HTML element(s) to which the styles should be applied, and the declarations specify the desired styles, such as color, font-size, or margin.

For example:

        h1 {
            color: red;
            font-size: 24px;

In this example, the <h1> elements will have a red color and a font size of 24 pixels throughout the webpage.


In conclusion, CSS is not considered a scripting language. Instead, it is a style sheet language that focuses on defining the visual aspects of HTML documents. While scripting languages like JavaScript enable interactivity and dynamic functionality on websites, CSS plays a vital role in shaping the appearance and layout of web pages.

By effectively separating content from presentation, CSS empowers developers to create visually engaging websites that are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are interested in web development, understanding how CSS works and how it interacts with other technologies like HTML and JavaScript will greatly enhance your skills as a developer.

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