Is Boosting a Discord Server Permanent?


Angela Bailey

Is Boosting a Discord Server Permanent?

Boosting a Discord server is an excellent way to enhance its features and provide additional perks to your community members. But have you ever wondered if boosting a server is permanent or if it has any limitations? In this article, we will explore the concept of boosting a Discord server and delve into whether it is a permanent action or not.

What does it mean to boost a Discord server?

Discord introduced the concept of server boosting as part of its Nitro subscription service. Server boosting allows users to contribute to a server’s level and unlock various benefits for the entire community. When someone boosts a server, they essentially donate their Nitro perks to that particular server for a set period.

Boosting benefits:

  • Improved audio quality: Boosting a server enhances the voice chat experience by providing higher audio quality for all members.
  • Server banner: Boosted servers can have custom banners displayed at the top, giving them a unique and personalized touch.
  • Emoji slots: Additional emoji slots are unlocked, allowing more custom emojis to be used within the server.
  • Vanity URL: Boosted servers can create their own custom URL, making it easier for members to join and remember.

The duration of boosted perks

The duration of boosted perks depends on the number of boosts accumulated by the server. As more members contribute their boosts, higher levels are reached, unlocking additional benefits along the way. However, these perks are not permanent and will expire if the boost count drops below certain thresholds.

Tier 1 Boost (Level 1)

When a server receives its first boost, it reaches Level 1. At this level, the server gains access to basic perks such as an improved audio quality and a custom server banner. However, if the number of boosts drops below two, the server will lose these perks.

Tier 2 Boost (Level 2)

Once a server receives a total of 15 boosts, it reaches Level 2. At this level, in addition to the perks from Level 1, the server gains 50 additional emoji slots. However, if the boost count falls below 15, these extra slots will be lost.

Tier 3 Boost (Level 3)

The highest level that a Discord server can reach is Level 3. This level is achieved when a server receives a total of 30 boosts.

At Level 3, boosted servers gain all the perks from Levels 1 and 2 along with a unique vanity URL for easy access. However, just like previous levels, if the boost count decreases below 30, the vanity URL will be removed.


In summary, while boosting a Discord server provides numerous benefits and enhances the community experience, it is not permanent. The duration of boosted perks depends on the number of boosts received by the server and can expire if boost counts fall below specific thresholds. It’s crucial to maintain a consistent number of boosts to retain these benefits and ensure your community continues to enjoy them.

Remember to regularly check on your boosted servers and encourage your members to continue supporting them by boosting when possible. By doing so, you can keep unlocking new levels and offering exciting features that enrich everyone’s Discord experience!

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