In What Type of Pin Data Pin of DHT Sensor Should Be Connected?


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In this tutorial, we will discuss the various types of pins on a DHT sensor and how they should be connected. The DHT sensor is a popular choice for measuring temperature and humidity in electronic projects.

Pin Types

The DHT sensor typically has three pins:

  • VCC: This pin is used to supply power to the sensor. It should be connected to the 3.3V or 5V pin of your microcontroller or development board.
  • Data: The data pin is used to send and receive data from the sensor. It is connected to one of the digital pins of your microcontroller.
  • GND: The ground pin provides the reference voltage for the sensor and should be connected to the ground pin of your microcontroller.


To connect the DHT sensor properly, follow these steps:

  1. VCC Connection: Connect the VCC pin of the DHT sensor to the appropriate power source on your microcontroller or development board. Make sure the voltage level matches with that of your board.
  2. Data Connection: Connect the data pin of the DHT sensor to any available digital pin on your microcontroller.

    This will be used for sending and receiving data from the sensor.

  3. GND Connection: Connect the GND (ground) pin of the DHT sensor to the ground pin on your microcontroller or development board. This ensures a common reference voltage between both devices.


It’s important to note that different models of DHT sensors may have variations in pin configuration. Always refer to the datasheet or documentation provided by the manufacturer for the specific model you are using.

Additionally, make sure to double-check your connections before powering on your circuit to avoid any potential damage to the sensor or other components.


Understanding how to connect the pins of a DHT sensor is crucial for successfully integrating it into your projects. By following the correct pin connection guidelines, you can ensure accurate temperature and humidity measurements.

Remember to consult the documentation for your specific DHT sensor model and verify your connections before powering up your circuit.

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