How Much Is a Discord Server Cost?


Angela Bailey

How Much Is a Discord Server Cost?

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms, especially for gamers and online communities. It allows users to create and manage their own servers, where they can chat, voice chat, share media files, and much more. But one question that often comes up is: how much does a Discord server cost?

Free Discord Servers

If you’re just getting started or have a small community, you’ll be happy to know that creating a Discord server is absolutely free. Yes, you read that right! Discord offers the basic features for free, allowing you to create a server and invite your friends or community members without any cost.

With a free server, you get access to text channels, voice channels, direct messaging, file sharing, and more. This is perfect for smaller communities or casual groups who don’t require advanced features or additional perks.

Nitro Boosting

If you want to take your Discord server to the next level and provide additional benefits to your members, you might consider Nitro Boosting. Nitro Boosting is a premium feature offered by Discord where members can “boost” a server in exchange for various perks.

To boost a server, users need to have a Discord Nitro subscription. Nitro subscriptions come in two tiers: Nitro Classic ($4.99/month) and Nitro ($9.99/month). By boosting a server with Nitro Classic or Nitro subscription, users can unlock benefits like improved audio quality in voice channels, animated emojis across the server, higher upload limits for file sharing, and more.

Boosting Your Own Server

If you’re the owner of the server and want to boost it, you can do so by having a Nitro subscription. Boosting your own server will grant you perks such as a vanity URL for easy server invites, a special badge to show off your support, and the ability to add additional emoji slots.

Boosting Other Servers

If you’re not the owner of a server but still want to contribute and help a community grow, you can boost other servers as well. By boosting someone else’s server, you’ll earn perks like a special role color, an animated badge to showcase your support, and access to premium servers with exclusive content.


In summary, creating a basic Discord server is completely free. However, if you want to enhance your server with additional perks and benefits, Nitro Boosting is available at $4.99/month for Nitro Classic and $9.99/month for Nitro. Whether you choose to boost your own server or support other communities, Discord offers various options to cater to different needs.

So go ahead and create your own Discord server or join an existing one without worrying about the cost. Enjoy the seamless communication and collaboration that Discord has to offer!

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