How Much Does It Cost to Start a Discord Server?


Angela Bailey

Discord is a popular platform for online communities to chat, share ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re starting a gaming server, a study group, or a fan club, one of the first things you might wonder is how much it will cost to get your Discord server up and running. In this article, we’ll explore the costs associated with starting a Discord server and help you budget accordingly.

Basic Costs

Starting a Discord server is completely free. You can create an account and set up your server without spending a dime.

This is perfect for small communities or casual use. However, as your server grows and you require more advanced features, there are additional costs to consider.

Nitro Boost

If you want to enhance your server’s capabilities and unlock special perks for your members, you can choose to Nitro Boost your Discord server. Nitro Boosting provides benefits such as improved audio quality, custom emotes, animated avatars, and increased upload limits.

To Nitro Boost your server, you need Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro is available in two tiers: Nitro Classic at $4.99 per month and Nitro at $9.99 per month.

With either option, you get one free server boost included. If you want additional boosts for your server or if you have multiple servers that you want to boost simultaneously, each extra boost costs $4.

Bot Hosting

Bots are essential for automating tasks on your Discord server and enhancing the user experience. While there are many free bots available, some advanced bots may require hosting fees if they offer complex functionalities or require high-performance servers.

The cost of bot hosting varies depending on the provider and the resources required by the bot. Some bot hosting services offer free plans with limited features, while others offer premium plans with more resources and additional perks. It’s important to research different bot hosting providers to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Premium Features

In addition to Nitro Boosting and bot hosting, Discord offers other premium features that may be relevant to your server. For example, if you run a gaming community, you might consider Discord Game Pass, which allows you to provide exclusive game content to your members for a monthly fee.

Discord also provides a subscription-based service called Discord Server Boosting. By boosting a server with Server Boosts, you can unlock various perks like improved audio quality, custom invite backgrounds, and increased server emoji slots. Server Boosting costs $4.99 per month for two boosts or $9.99 per month for 15 boosts.


Starting a Discord server can be as simple as creating an account and setting up the basic features for free. However, if you want to take your server to the next level by Nitro Boosting it or utilizing advanced bots and premium features, there are additional costs to consider.

Before diving into these expenses, it’s important to assess the needs of your community and determine which features are worth investing in. Remember that many successful servers thrive without any additional costs by focusing on engaging content and fostering a welcoming community.

Now that you have an idea of the potential costs involved in starting a Discord server, you can budget accordingly and create an amazing online space for your community!

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