How Much Does It Cost to Boost a Server Discord?


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Are you considering boosting your Discord server to enhance its features and provide a better experience for your community? One of the questions that often comes up is, “How much does it cost to boost a server on Discord?” In this article, we will explore the costs associated with boosting a server and the benefits that come along with it.

What is Server Boosting?

Discord offers a feature called Server Boosting, which allows users to support their favorite servers by contributing to their growth and unlocking additional perks. When you boost a server, you essentially provide additional resources that help improve the overall server experience.

The Cost of Server Boosting

To boost a server on Discord, you have two options: Nitro Classic and Nitro. Nitro Classic costs $4.99 per month, while Nitro costs $9.99 per month.

Nitro Classic:

  • Server Boosts: 2
  • Emoji Slots: 50 (with the ability to upload animated emojis)
  • Upload Limit: 50MB


  • Server Boosts: 2
  • Emoji Slots: 100 (with the ability to upload animated emojis)
  • Upload Limit: 100MB

If you already have an existing Nitro subscription, you can use one of your boosts towards a server at no extra cost. However, if you want more boosts or don’t have an active Nitro subscription, you’ll need to purchase either Nitro Classic or Nitro.

The Benefits of Server Boosting

1. Improved Audio and Video Quality:

Boosting a server allows for higher quality audio and video streaming, making your voice chats and video calls much clearer.

2. Enhanced Server Features:

Boosting unlocks various perks for the server, such as animated server icons, custom splash screens, and more emoji slots.

3. Increased Upload Limit:

With a boosted server, you get a higher upload limit for sharing files, images, and videos with your community.

4. Vanity URLs:

A boosted server can also have a custom vanity URL that makes it easier to share and remember.


In summary, boosting a Discord server comes with its costs but offers several benefits that can greatly enhance the overall experience for both the server owner and the community members. Whether it’s better audio quality or additional features like custom emojis and higher upload limits, server boosting provides added value to your Discord server.

If you’re looking to support your favorite Discord servers or want to unlock additional perks for your own community, consider investing in Nitro Classic or Nitro subscriptions to enjoy the benefits of server boosting.

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