How Much Does a Private Server in Royale High Cost?


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Welcome to another informative tutorial! Today, we will dive into the exciting world of Royale High and explore the cost of having a private server in this popular Roblox game.

If you’re a dedicated player looking for a more personalized experience, having your own private server can be a great option. Let’s find out how much it costs!

What is Royale High?

Royale High is an enchanting virtual world where players can immerse themselves in the life of a royal. You can attend classes, participate in various activities, and even customize your character with stunning outfits and accessories.

The Benefits of Having a Private Server

Having a private server in Royale High offers several advantages:

  • Exclusive Access: With your own private server, you and your friends can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without any interference from other players.
  • Customization: Private servers allow you to customize certain aspects of the game, such as adjusting the speed or enabling special features.
  • Flexibility: You have the freedom to set your own rules and create unique experiences for you and your friends.

The Cost of a Private Server

To obtain a private server in Royale High, you need to purchase it using Robux, which is the in-game currency. The cost may vary depending on the duration for which you want to have access to the server.

One-Time Purchase:

If you only wish to have access to a private server for a limited time, you can opt for purchasing it as a one-time purchase. The cost of a one-time purchase for a private server in Royale High is 100 Robux.

Monthly Subscription:

If you want continuous access to a private server, you can choose the monthly subscription option. The cost for a monthly subscription is 200 Robux per month. This option ensures that you can enjoy your private server without any interruptions.

Yearly Subscription:

For players who are serious about having their own private server in Royale High, the yearly subscription offers the best value. The cost for a yearly subscription is 1,800 Robux, which means you get 2 months of access for free compared to the monthly subscription.

How to Purchase a Private Server

Purchasing a private server in Royale High is relatively simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Roblox account.
  2. Navigate to the Roblox homepage.
  3. Select the ‘Games’ tab and search for ‘Royale High’.
  4. Once on the game page, click on the ‘Private Server’ tab.
  5. You will see options for purchasing either a one-time purchase or a subscription.
  6. Select your preferred option and complete the purchase using Robux.

In Conclusion

Owning a private server in Royale High can enhance your gaming experience by providing exclusive access and customization options. Whether you choose a one-time purchase or a subscription, make sure to consider your gaming needs and budget before making a decision. Now that you know the cost, go ahead and create your own private realm in Royale High!

That’s all for today’s tutorial. We hope you found this information helpful. Happy gaming!

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