How Many Scripting Languages Are There in Adobe Forms?


Larry Thompson

Adobe Forms is an extremely versatile tool that allows users to create interactive, fillable forms. One of the key features that makes Adobe Forms so powerful is its support for scripting languages.

These scripting languages enable developers to add advanced functionality and interactivity to their forms. In this article, we will explore the different scripting languages available in Adobe Forms and how they can be used to enhance form development.


JavaScript is the most commonly used scripting language in Adobe Forms. It allows developers to manipulate form fields, validate user input, and perform complex calculations. JavaScript can be used to create dynamic forms that respond to user actions and provide a rich user experience.


function calculateTotal() {

    var quantity = parseInt(document.getElementById(‘quantity’).value);

    var price = parseFloat(document.getElementById(‘price’).value);

    var total = quantity * price;

    document.getElementById(‘total’).value = total.toFixed(2);



In addition to JavaScript, Adobe Forms also supports FormCalc as a scripting language. FormCalc is a simpler language compared to JavaScript and is often preferred by non-programmers. It provides built-in functions for performing calculations, formatting data, and manipulating form fields.


#quantity * #price -> #total

Simplified Field Notation (SFN)

Simplified Field Notation (SFN) is another scripting language available in Adobe Forms. SFN allows developers to perform calculations and set field values using a concise syntax. It is particularly useful when working with complex mathematical formulas or when a more compact notation is desired.


#quantity * #price = #total


Adobe Forms provides support for multiple scripting languages, including JavaScript, FormCalc, and Simplified Field Notation (SFN). These languages offer developers the flexibility to create dynamic forms that can perform calculations, validate user input, and respond to user actions. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting with form development, understanding these scripting languages will enable you to unlock the full potential of Adobe Forms.

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