How Long Do Discord Server Boosts Last?


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Discord server boosts are a fantastic way to enhance your server and provide additional benefits to your community. However, it’s important to understand how long these boosts last and how they can impact your server’s growth and features. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Discord server boosts and their duration.

What are Discord Server Boosts?

Discord server boosts are a special feature that allows users to support their favorite servers by providing them with various perks and advantages. When a user boosts a server, they unlock additional features such as improved audio quality, increased file upload limits, custom server banners, and more.

Server Boost Tiers:

There are currently three boost tiers available for Discord servers:

  • Nitro Boost: This is the first tier that users can unlock by subscribing to Discord Nitro, the platform’s premium subscription service. With Nitro Boost, users can boost one server of their choice.
  • Nitro Classic Boost: This tier is available for Nitro Classic subscribers.

    It allows users to boost one server as well.

  • Server Level Boost: Server Level Boosts are additional boosts that can be unlocked when a server reaches certain milestones in terms of the number of Nitro Boosts it receives. These milestones are known as “boost levels. “

How Long Do Discord Server Boosts Last?

The duration of a Discord server boost depends on several factors:

User-Initiated Server Boosts:

If you initiate a boost on a server using your own Nitro subscription or Nitro Classic subscription, your boost will last for one month (30 days) from the time of initiation. After this period, you will need to manually renew your boost to maintain the perks and advantages it provides.

Server Level Boosts:

Server Level Boosts, on the other hand, are different. Once a server reaches a specific boost level milestone, the server will retain that boost level permanently, even if some individual boosts expire or are removed. This means that as long as the server maintains its boost level, it will continue to enjoy all the perks associated with that level.

Note: It’s important to remember that if a server drops below a certain boost level milestone, it will lose some of the perks associated with that level. This can serve as an incentive for server owners and community members to continuously support and maintain their boost levels.

Monitoring Your Server Boosts

To keep track of your server boosts and their expiration dates, Discord provides a dedicated “Server Boosts” section within your server settings. Here, you can view information about current boosts, expiry dates, and manage them accordingly.


Discord server boosts provide an excellent way to enhance your community’s experience and offer additional benefits. User-initiated boosts last for one month from the time of initiation, while server level boosts remain in effect as long as the boost level is maintained. Keeping track of boosts through the Server Boosts section in your server settings is crucial for managing their duration effectively.

Boosting your Discord server not only improves its features but also encourages community engagement and support. So consider utilizing this fantastic feature and watch your server thrive!

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