How Does Web Server Work Example?


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How Does a Web Server Work Example?

When you enter a website’s URL into your browser, have you ever wondered how the web server delivers the requested web page to your device? In this tutorial, we will dive into how a web server works using an example.

The Basics of a Web Server

A web server is a computer program or software that handles HTTP requests from clients, such as web browsers. It listens for incoming requests on a specific port (usually port 80 for HTTP) and responds with the requested data. Let’s take a look at an example scenario:

1. Client Sends an HTTP Request

Imagine you want to visit a website called “” You type the URL in your browser and hit enter.

Your browser then sends an HTTP request to the web server hosting “example. “

2. Receiving the Request

The web server receives the HTTP request and processes it accordingly. It extracts information such as the requested resource (e.g., HTML file), headers, cookies, and other relevant data.

3. Finding the Requested Resource

The web server checks its file system or database to locate the requested resource, in this case, an HTML file named “index.html.” If found, it proceeds to retrieve the file’s contents.

4. Generating an HTTP Response

The web server generates an HTTP response. It includes a status code (e., 200 for success), headers with important information about the response (e., content type), and the actual content of the requested resource (e., HTML code).

5. Sending the Response

The web server sends the HTTP response back to the client (your browser) over the internet. The response travels through various network routers until it reaches your device.

6. Client Receives and Renders the Response

Your browser receives the HTTP response and begins to render it based on the received content type. In this case, it interprets the HTML code and presents it as a web page on your screen.


Understanding how a web server works is essential for both developers and users. By following this example scenario, you can now visualize the process of how a web server handles your requests and delivers web pages to your device.

Remember: Each time you visit a website, there is a complex backend process happening behind the scenes, making it possible for you to access and view content seamlessly.

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