How Does Heap Work in Data Structure?


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How Does Heap Work in Data Structure?

A heap is a fundamental data structure that plays a crucial role in various algorithms and applications. It is a specialized tree-based structure that satisfies the heap property. In this article, we will explore how heaps work and their key operations.

Heap Overview

A heap is a complete binary tree, meaning that all levels of the tree are filled except possibly for the last level, which is filled from left to right. In a max heap, for any node, the value of that node is greater than or equal to the values of its children. Conversely, in a min heap, the value of any node is smaller than or equal to the values of its children.

Heap Operations


To insert an element into a heap, we first add it to the next available position in the tree and then perform a process called “heapify.” Heapify ensures that the heap property is maintained by comparing the inserted element with its parent and swapping them if necessary. This process continues until the element reaches its correct position.


The deletion operation in a heap removes the root element. After removing it, we replace it with the last element in the tree and then perform heapify on this new root element to restore the heap property.


The process of heapify involves comparing an element with its children and swapping them if necessary to maintain the desired order (either max or min). Heapify can be applied recursively on each subtree until all elements satisfy the heap property.

Applications of Heap

Heaps find extensive use in various algorithms such as:

  • Heap sort: A sorting algorithm that uses the heap data structure to sort elements in ascending or descending order.
  • Dijkstra’s algorithm: A graph traversal algorithm that finds the shortest path between nodes in a graph.
  • Priority queues: Heaps can be used to efficiently implement priority queues, where elements with higher priority are dequeued first.


A heap is an essential data structure with a wide range of applications. Understanding how heaps work and their operations is crucial for implementing efficient algorithms. By maintaining the heap property and using heapify, heaps ensure optimal performance and enable various computational tasks.


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