How Do You Use Data Type for Stock in Excel?


Angela Bailey

When working with stock data in Excel, it is important to understand how to use the appropriate data types to ensure accurate calculations and analysis. In this article, we will explore the various data types available in Excel and how they can be used specifically for stock data.

Data Types in Excel

Excel offers several data types that are specifically designed to handle different types of information. When it comes to stock data, there are two main data types that are commonly used:

  • Ticker Symbol: This data type allows you to enter a specific stock symbol, such as AAPL for Apple Inc. or MSFT for Microsoft Corporation. It automatically retrieves relevant information about the stock, including current price, historical prices, and other financial details.
  • Stock: This data type is used to track individual stocks in your spreadsheet. It provides access to a wide range of information about the stock, including current price, volume traded, opening and closing prices, and more.

Using Ticker Symbol Data Type

To use the Ticker Symbol data type in Excel, you simply need to enter the symbol of the stock in a cell. For example, if you want to retrieve information about Apple Inc., you can enter “AAPL” in a cell and Excel will automatically recognize it as a Ticker Symbol.

Once you have entered the ticker symbol, Excel will display an icon next to the cell. You can click on this icon to view additional information about the stock, such as current price, previous close price, market cap, and more.

Note: In order for Excel to recognize a cell value as a Ticker Symbol, you need an active internet connection and have access to Microsoft’s online data service.

Using Stock Data Type

The Stock data type in Excel allows you to track individual stocks and access a wealth of information about them. To use this data type, you first need to enable the “Stocks” data type in Excel. Here’s how:

  1. Select the cell where you want to enter the stock information.
  2. Go to the “Data” tab in the Excel ribbon.
  3. Click on the “Stocks” button in the “Data Types” section.

Once you have enabled the Stocks data type, you can enter a stock name or symbol in a cell. Excel will automatically recognize it as a stock and retrieve relevant information about it. You can then expand the cell to view additional details like price history, financial statements, and more.

Additional Options for Stock Data Type

The Stock data type also provides additional options for customizing how the information is displayed:

  • Fields: You can choose which specific fields or attributes of the stock you want to display. For example, you can show only the current price and volume traded, or include additional details like market cap and P/E ratio.
  • Currency Conversion: If you are working with stocks listed on international exchanges, Excel can automatically convert currency values based on your preferred currency.
  • Data Refresh: By default, Excel automatically refreshes stock data every few minutes. However, you can manually refresh it at any time or set a specific refresh interval according to your needs.

Incorporating Stock Data into Formulas

The Ticker Symbol and Stock data types in Excel can also be used in formulas to perform calculations and analysis. For example, you can use the Ticker Symbol data type to retrieve the current price of a stock and calculate its value using other data in your spreadsheet.

Similarly, the Stock data type allows you to reference specific attributes of a stock, such as its opening price or volume traded, in your formulas. This enables you to perform complex calculations and analysis based on real-time stock data.


  =STOCK("AAPL").Close - STOCK("AAPL").Open

In this example, we are using the Stock data type to calculate the price difference between the opening and closing prices of Apple Inc. stock.


Using the appropriate data types for stock information in Excel can greatly enhance your ability to analyze and work with financial data. Whether you need to retrieve real-time stock prices, track individual stocks, or incorporate stock data into your formulas, Excel’s Ticker Symbol and Stock data types provide powerful tools for managing stock information effectively.

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