How Do You Stop Spam on Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

How Do You Stop Spam on Discord Server?

Spamming can be a nuisance on any online platform, including Discord servers. It can disrupt conversations, annoy users, and even lead to server issues.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to combat spam and maintain a clean and enjoyable environment for your community. In this tutorial, we will explore effective methods to stop spam on your Discord server.

1. Use Verification Bots

Verification bots are an excellent tool to prevent spammers from infiltrating your server. These bots require new members to go through a verification process before gaining access to the server’s channels. By setting up verification questions or captcha challenges, you can ensure that only genuine users are granted entry.

2. Enable Slowmode

If your server experiences rapid-fire messages from certain users, enabling the slowmode feature can help control spam. Slowmode limits how often users can send messages within a specific timeframe. You can set the duration of slowmode (e.g., 5 seconds, 10 seconds) based on your preferences.

3. Implement Auto-Moderation Bots

Auto-moderation bots are powerful tools that automatically detect and remove spam messages or offensive content from your server. These bots use advanced algorithms to analyze messages for patterns commonly associated with spamming or rule violations.

a) Anti-Spam Bots:

  • MEE6:
  • MEE6 is a popular Discord bot that offers anti-spam features along with other moderation tools. It allows you to set up custom filters based on keywords, links, excessive caps, and more.

  • Dyno:
  • Dyno is another versatile bot that includes anti-spam features. It can automatically detect and delete spam messages, as well as warn or ban repeat offenders.

b) Captcha Bots:

  • Carl-bot:
  • Carl-bot provides a captcha verification system to prevent automated bots from spamming your server. Users joining your server will need to complete a simple captcha test, ensuring that they are real users.

  • AltDentifier:
  • AltDentifier is a bot specifically designed to combat user bots and spammers. It offers advanced verification methods, including image-based captchas and even voice-based challenges.

4. Set Up Channel Permissions

Tailoring channel permissions can help restrict potential spammers’ actions within your server. By setting up roles with limited messaging privileges or requiring users to reach a certain level before accessing specific channels, you can deter spammers from Targeting your server.

5. Train Moderators

Moderators play a crucial role in maintaining order and combating spam on Discord servers. Ensure that your team of moderators is well-trained on identifying and dealing with spamming behaviors effectively. Encourage them to actively monitor the server and promptly take action when necessary.

In conclusion, preventing spam on your Discord server requires a combination of strategies like using verification bots, enabling slowmode, implementing auto-moderation bots, setting up channel permissions, and training moderators. By taking these measures, you can create a welcoming environment for your community while keeping spammers at bay.

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