How Do You Stop Scripting on FIFA?


Larry Thompson

Scripting in FIFA is a topic that has been heavily debated among players for years. It refers to the game’s artificial intelligence (AI) manipulating the outcome of matches to create more dramatic and unpredictable gameplay.

While some believe scripting exists, others argue that it’s simply a result of randomness and human error. In this article, we’ll explore various strategies to minimize the impact of scripting and improve your chances of winning in FIFA.

Understanding Scripting

Before diving into solutions, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what scripting actually is. Scripting is believed to occur when the game’s AI interferes with player inputs or adjusts gameplay mechanics to influence match outcomes. This can manifest as sudden changes in player performance, arbitrary referee decisions, or unexpected shifts in momentum.

The Impact of Momentum

Momentum is closely tied to scripting in FIFA. It refers to the temporary boosts or nerfs given to players based on their performance during a match. If you’re leading by multiple goals, your opponent may experience increased speed and accuracy, while your players might become sluggish and make more mistakes.

Tip: To counter momentum swings, focus on maintaining possession and avoiding risky moves when you have a lead. Play patiently and defensively until the effect wears off.

Tactics for Minimizing Scripting

1. Player Chemistry

A high chemistry rating among your players can reduce the impact of scripting. Chemistry affects how well your team performs as a cohesive unit, making it important to build teams with compatible players from the same club or league.

Tip: When building your Ultimate Team squad, try to have as many players with strong links (green chemistry lines) as possible for optimal chemistry and reduced scripting influence.

2. Strategic Substitutions

Substitutions can be a powerful tool to counter scripting. Bringing on fresh legs when momentum is against you can disrupt the AI’s influence and inject new energy into your team.

Tip: Make substitutions strategically based on player stamina, position, and performance. Look for players with high attributes in relevant areas to make the most impact.

3. Adjusting Tactics

Scripting often affects specific aspects of gameplay, such as passing accuracy or defensive positioning. By adjusting your tactical settings during a match, you can adapt to these changes and regain control.

Tip: Experiment with different tactics during matches to find the ones that work best for you. Consider changing your formation, player instructions, or individual player roles to counteract scripting effects.

Mindset Matters

A positive mindset can go a long way in combating scripting. It’s easy to get frustrated and feel like the game is working against you, but maintaining focus and staying calm will help you make better decisions throughout the match.


  • FIFA is designed to be challenging and realistic.
  • Everyone experiences scripting at some point; it’s part of the game.
  • Focusing on improving your skills will ultimately have a bigger impact than blaming scripting for losses.

The Final Whistle

While scripting remains a contentious topic in FIFA, it’s important not to let it overshadow the enjoyment of playing the game. By understanding how scripting works and implementing effective strategies, you can minimize its impact on your matches and maximize your chances of success.

Tip: Practice regularly, analyze your gameplay, and adapt your strategies to become a better player. Remember, persistence and skill development will always be more effective in the long run than blaming scripting.

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