How Do You Raid a Discord Server?


Angela Bailey

Welcome to this tutorial on raiding a Discord server! Before we begin, let me emphasize that raiding is against Discord’s terms of service and is considered a malicious activity. This tutorial is purely for educational purposes and aims to raise awareness about potential security vulnerabilities.

What is Raiding?

Raiding refers to the act of overwhelming a server with a large number of users or bots in order to disrupt its normal operations. It can involve mass spamming, flooding channels with inappropriate content, or causing general chaos within the community.

Understanding Discord Server Security

Discord servers have several security measures in place to prevent raids and protect their communities. It’s important to respect these measures and use Discord responsibly.

Server Verification Levels

Discord offers multiple verification levels for servers: none, low, medium, and high. The higher the verification level, the more difficult it is for potential raiders to join the server. Server owners can set the verification level that suits their needs by going to Server Settings > Moderation > Verification Levels.


Discord servers typically use invite links for users to join. These links can be set to expire after a certain period or limited to a specific number of uses. Server owners should regularly review their invite links and revoke any that may have been shared inappropriately or are no longer needed.


Server owners should carefully manage permissions within their server. By assigning roles and setting permissions for each role, they can control what actions users can perform. Restricting permissions helps prevent unauthorized actions and limits potential damage from raiders.

The Dangers of Raiding

Raiding not only violates Discord’s terms of service, but it can also have severe consequences for the raiders themselves. Discord takes raiding seriously and actively investigates reports of raiding activities.

Account Suspension

Discord may suspend or ban accounts involved in raiding activities. This can result in the loss of access to all Discord servers, as well as other restrictions imposed on the account.

Legal Consequences

Raiding can potentially lead to legal consequences, depending on the severity of the actions taken. It is important to remember that online activities are subject to local laws, and malicious actions can be punishable by law.

Reporting Raids

If you come across a raid or suspect that a server is being raided, it’s essential to report it promptly. Discord provides a reporting feature that allows users to report servers or specific messages for review by their Trust & Safety team.


Raiding a Discord server is not only against Discord’s terms of service but also unethical and harmful. It’s important to respect others’ online spaces and engage with communities responsibly. By understanding server security measures and promptly reporting raids, we can help maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone on Discord.

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