How Do You Make a CrewLink Server Private?


Heather Bennett

Creating a private CrewLink server is a great way to ensure that only authorized individuals can join your game. This article will guide you through the steps to make your CrewLink server private, keeping it secure and exclusive to your desired group of players.

What is CrewLink?

CrewLink is a third-party application developed by Otto, which allows players to voice chat while playing the popular online game “Among Us.” It enhances the gaming experience by enabling real-time communication and coordination among crew members.

Why Make Your CrewLink Server Private?

While using a public CrewLink server can be convenient for connecting with random players, there are instances where you may want to restrict access to only specific individuals. Creating a private CrewLink server helps maintain privacy, security, and control over who can join your game.

Steps to Make Your CrewLink Server Private:

Step 1: Download and Install CrewLink

If you haven’t already installed CrewLink on your device, head over to the official CrewLink GitHub page and download the latest version compatible with your operating system. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions provided on the website.

Step 2: Launch CrewLink

After successfully installing CrewLink, launch the application on your device. You will see the main interface of CrewLink with various settings and options.

Step 3: Access Server Settings

In order to make your server private, you need to modify its settings. To access the server settings, click on the “Settings” icon located in the top right corner of the CrewLink window. This will open the settings menu.

Step 4: Configure Server Settings

Within the settings menu, navigate to the “Server” tab. Here, you will find a list of options related to your CrewLink server.

4.1 Server Name:

Enter a unique and identifiable name for your private server in the “Server Name” field. This will help your friends or desired players identify your server easily.2 Password:

To make your server private, you need to set a password that only authorized individuals will know. Enter a strong and secure password in the “Password” field.3 Maximum Clients:

Determine the maximum number of clients (players) allowed in your private CrewLink server by adjusting the value in the “Maximum Clients” field. This ensures that only a limited number of players can join at a time.

Step 5: Save Changes

After configuring the desired settings, click on the “Save” button located at the bottom of the settings menu to save and apply your changes.

Tips for Managing Your Private CrewLink Server:

  • Create Unique Passwords: Use strong, unique passwords for each session to maintain security.
  • Inform Authorized Players: Share the server name and password only with authorized individuals who should have access to your private CrewLink server.
  • Moderate Your Server: As the host, it’s essential to moderate and manage your private CrewLink server effectively, ensuring a positive and enjoyable gaming experience for all participants.


Making your CrewLink server private is a simple yet effective way to maintain control over who can join your game. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your private server, enhancing security and privacy while playing “Among Us” with friends or a specific group of players.

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