How Do You Know if Xerath Is Scripting?


Angela Bailey

How Do You Know if Xerath Is Scripting?

Xerath, the Ascended Magus, is a powerful mage in League of Legends known for his long-range artillery and devastating poke damage. However, there have been instances where players suspected Xerath users of scripting – using third-party programs to automate their gameplay.

In this article, we will explore some telltale signs that can help you determine if a Xerath player is scripting or not.

1. Unnatural Accuracy

One of the key indicators that a Xerath player may be scripting is their uncanny accuracy with skillshots. If they consistently hit every ability with pinpoint precision, especially when it seems impossible to react in time, it could be a red flag.

Scripting programs can predict enemy movements and automatically aim abilities accordingly, resulting in an unnaturally high hit rate.

2. Perfect Orbwalking

Orbwalking refers to the technique of efficiently moving between auto-attacks and abilities while maintaining optimal positioning. A scripted Xerath may exhibit flawless orbwalking, seamlessly stutter-stepping and kiting without any mistakes or hesitations.

This level of precision and consistency is difficult to achieve manually and could indicate the use of scripts.

3. Instant Reaction Time

Scripted Xerath players often showcase lightning-fast reaction times that are almost superhuman. They instantly dodge incoming skillshots or ganks without any visible delay or anticipation.

While highly skilled players can have impressive reflexes, consistent instantaneous reactions raise suspicion and might indicate the assistance of scripting tools.

4. Inhuman Map Awareness

The usage of scripts can grant players an unfair advantage by providing them with extensive map awareness. A scripted Xerath may consistently dodge ganks from multiple directions, always knowing when to retreat or engage.

They seem to have eyes everywhere, predicting enemy movements without proper vision or prior information. Such omniscience can be a clear sign of scripting.

5. Lack of Mistakes

Even the best players make mistakes occasionally, but a scripted Xerath rarely shows any signs of error. They consistently position themselves perfectly, never miss an opportunity to land a skillshot, and rarely misjudge engagements.

While skill and experience can contribute to flawless gameplay, an absence of errors over an extended period is highly unlikely without the help of scripts.


While it’s important not to jump to conclusions and accuse every skilled Xerath player of scripting, being aware of these indicators can help you identify potential scripters. Remember that scripting is against the rules of most games and ruins the integrity of fair competition.

If you suspect someone is using scripts, report them to the appropriate authorities for investigation.

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