How Do You Join a Public Discord Server Without an Invite?


Heather Bennett

Joining a public Discord server without an invite might seem like a challenging task, but it’s actually quite simple. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process step by step. So, let’s get started!

What is Discord?

If you are new to Discord, it is a popular communication platform primarily used by gamers. However, its versatility has led to its widespread adoption by various communities and interest groups. Discord allows users to create servers and join existing ones to connect with like-minded individuals.

Why Join a Public Server Without an Invite?

While most servers require an invite link to join, there may be instances where you want to join a public server without having an invite handy. Maybe you stumbled upon a server while browsing forums or social media and want to check it out without going through the hassle of requesting an invite.

Method 1: Server Directory

Discord provides a server directory where you can discover public servers based on your interests. Here’s how to find and join a server:

  1. Step 1: Open Discord and log in to your account.
  2. Step 2: On the left sidebar, click on the compass icon labeled “Explore Public Servers.”
  3. Step 3: Browse through the categories or use the search bar to find servers that align with your interests.
  4. Step 4: Once you find a server that catches your attention, click on it to view more details.
  5. Step 5: If the server fits your requirements, click on the “Join” button to become a member instantly.

Method 2: Server Listing Websites

In addition to the official server directory, several third-party websites list public Discord servers. These websites categorize servers based on various topics, making it easier to find communities that match your interests. Follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Open a web browser and visit a reputable server listing website like or
  2. Step 2: Use the search or filter options to narrow down your choices.
  3. Step 3: Once you find a server that grabs your attention, click on it to view more information.
  4. Step 4: Look for a “Join” button or an invite link on the server’s page.
  5. Step 5: Click on the “Join” button or copy the invite link and paste it into Discord’s invite box (click the plus icon in the left sidebar).

Tips for Finding Public Servers

If you are struggling to find public servers that interest you, here are some tips to help you discover new communities:

  • Browsing Social Media Platforms: Many Discord communities share their invite links on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow relevant hashtags or join related groups to find servers.
  • Gaming Forums and Subreddits: If gaming is your area of interest, explore gaming forums and subreddits dedicated to your favorite games. Often, players share invites to their Discord servers there.

In Conclusion

Joining a public Discord server without an invite is fairly straightforward. Utilize Discord’s server directory, explore third-party server listing websites, and leverage social media platforms and gaming communities to find servers that align with your interests. So go ahead and start connecting with like-minded individuals in the vast world of Discord!

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