How Do You Join a Private Server in Roblox?


Angela Bailey

Roblox is a popular online platform that allows users to create and play games. While there are plenty of public servers available for anyone to join, some players prefer the privacy and exclusivity of private servers. In this tutorial, we will explore how you can join a private server in Roblox.

Step 1: Finding a Private Server

If you want to join a private server, you first need to find one. Private servers in Roblox are typically created by game developers or specific users who want to restrict access to their game.

To find private servers, you can start by searching for the game you want to play on the Roblox website or app. Once you find the game, look for any mentions of private servers in the game description or comments section.

Step 2: Requesting Access

Once you have found a game with a private server, you will need to request access from the server owner. This is usually done through sending a friend request or joining a group associated with the private server.

To send a friend request, navigate to the user’s profile page and click on the “Add Friend” button. If they accept your friend request, they may invite you to their private server.

Step 3: Accepting an Invite

If you receive an invitation from someone who owns a private server, accepting it is straightforward. Check your notifications or messages for any pending invites related to the game you are interested in.

Once you locate the invite, click on it and select “Accept” to join the private server. In some cases, you may also receive an invitation link that directly takes you to the private server when clicked.

Step 4: Joining through Group Membership

In addition to friend requests and direct invites, some private servers require you to join a specific group. To do this, navigate to the group page associated with the private server and click on the “Join Group” button.

Once you have joined the group, check if there are any instructions on how to join the private server. The group page may contain a link or additional steps that you need to follow.

Step 5: Accessing Private Servers from Your Inventory

If you have been granted access to a private server, it will appear in your inventory. To access your inventory, click on your profile and select “Inventory” from the dropdown menu.

In your inventory, locate the game associated with the private server and click on it. You should see an option to join the private server directly from there.


Joining a private server in Roblox adds an extra layer of exclusivity and privacy to your gaming experience. By following these simple steps – finding a private server, requesting access, accepting invites, joining through groups, or accessing via your inventory – you can enjoy playing games in a more controlled environment.

Remember that joining a private server may require permission or approval from the owner, so always be respectful of their rules and guidelines.

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