How Do You Get Nitro in Discord Server for Free?


Scott Campbell

Discord is a popular communication platform for gamers, creators, and communities. One of the exciting features that Discord offers is Nitro, a premium subscription plan that enhances your Discord experience.

Nitro provides various benefits such as custom emojis, animated avatars, enhanced audio quality, and more. While Nitro does come with a price tag, there are ways to get it for free! In this article, we will explore how you can get Nitro in your Discord server without spending a dime.

1. Discord Giveaways

If you’re an active member of the Discord community, you might have come across giveaways hosted by servers or individuals.

These giveaways often include Nitro as one of the prizes. Keep an eye out for such announcements on servers or platforms like Twitter and Discord forums. Participating in these giveaways can give you a chance to win Nitro and enjoy its benefits without spending any money.

2. Server Boosting

Discord allows users to boost servers they are part of using Nitro.

Server boosting helps improve the server’s capabilities by providing additional features like enhanced audio quality and more slots for emojis and stickers. By boosting a server yourself or being part of a boosted server, you can gain access to Nitro perks associated with that specific server.

3. Partnered Servers

Discord has a special program called “Server Partnership” where verified servers with large communities receive perks from Discord itself. Some partnered servers may offer free Nitro as an exclusive reward for their members or hold special events in which you can win Nitro subscriptions.

4. Game Hubs and Events

Discord often collaborates with game developers and hosts events related to popular games or game releases through their official game hubs or channels dedicated to specific games.

These events may include giveaways or contests where you can win Nitro. Joining these hubs and participating in the events can increase your chances of getting Nitro for free.

5. Referral Programs

Discord occasionally runs referral programs that allow users to invite friends to Discord using unique referral links.

When someone joins Discord through your referral link and becomes an active user, you can earn rewards such as Nitro. Keep an eye out for these programs on official Discord announcements or social media platforms.


Nitro is undoubtedly a great addition to any Discord server, offering exclusive perks and features that enhance the overall user experience. While Nitro usually requires a subscription fee, there are several ways to get it for free through giveaways, server boosting, partnered servers, game hubs, events, and referral programs. Keep exploring different Discord communities, stay active, and seize the opportunities that come your way to enjoy Nitro benefits without spending any money!

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