How Do You Get Fake Members on Discord Server?


Angela Bailey

Discord is a popular platform that allows users to create and manage their own servers. While building a community on Discord can be an exciting experience, some individuals may be tempted to artificially increase their server’s member count by adding fake or inactive accounts. In this tutorial, we will explore the methods used to get fake members on a Discord server and discuss the potential consequences.

Understanding the Consequences

Before we delve into the methods, it’s important to acknowledge the potential repercussions associated with adding fake members to your Discord server. Firstly, it is against Discord’s Terms of Service (ToS) to create or use fake accounts. If caught, your server may face penalties such as being flagged, suspended, or even permanently banned.

It is highly recommended to grow your server organically, as genuine engagement and a thriving community are far more valuable than inflated numbers.

The Invite Link Method

The most common method used to get fake members on a Discord server is by sharing invite links on various online platforms. These platforms may include websites, forums, or social media groups that specialize in generating fake accounts for promotional purposes or other deceptive activities.

To use this method:

  • Create an invite link for your Discord server
  • Search for platforms that offer fake account services
  • Purchase the desired number of fake accounts (usually in bulk)
  • Share your invite link on these platforms
  • The purchased accounts will join your server using the invite link

Please note that engaging in such activities goes against ethical standards and can harm your server’s reputation in the long run.

The Self-Bot Method

Another method sometimes used to artificially increase member count is the creation and use of self-bots.

A self-bot is a user account that behaves like a bot but is controlled by an individual user rather than being authorized by Discord. Self-bots can be programmed to automatically join servers, send messages, react to posts, and perform other actions on behalf of the user.

To utilize this method:

  1. Create or obtain a self-bot
  2. Configure the self-bot to join your server
  3. Activate the self-bot and let it run

Please note that using self-bots is strictly against Discord’s ToS. Discord actively monitors and bans accounts found to be using self-bots. Engaging in this activity can result in severe consequences, including permanent account suspension or banning of your server.

The Dangers and Ethical Implications

While it may be tempting to artificially inflate server member counts for various reasons, it’s crucial to understand the dangers and ethical implications involved.

1. Misleading Activity: Fake members give the false impression of an active community, which can mislead genuine users who join the server in search of engagement and interaction.

2. Low Engagement: Fake members rarely contribute actively to discussions or participate in community events. This leads to low engagement levels within your server, defeating the purpose of building a thriving community.

3. Damaged Reputation: If word gets out that your server has fake members, your reputation as a server owner may suffer. Genuine users may lose trust in your community, leading to decreased participation and potential loss of credibility.

4. Discord Penalties: As mentioned earlier, Discord actively monitors and takes action against accounts found to be engaging in fake member activity. Penalties can range from temporary account suspension to permanent bans.


It is strongly advised not to resort to artificially inflating your server’s member count with fake or inactive accounts. Instead, focus on building a genuine community by engaging with your existing members, promoting your server through legitimate means, and providing valuable content that attracts like-minded individuals.

The true value of a Discord server lies not in the number of members, but in the quality of engagement and the sense of community it fosters.

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