How Do You Get a Private Server Link on Roblox?


Angela Bailey

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to get a private server link on Roblox. Private servers allow you to play games with a select group of friends or participants, giving you more control over your gameplay experience.

Step 1: Accessing the Game

To start, open the Roblox website and log in to your account. Once logged in, navigate to the game you wish to create a private server for. Open the game’s page by clicking on its title or thumbnail.

Step 2: Creating a Private Server

Once on the game’s page, look for an option that says “Play.” Click on it, and a menu will appear with several options. Find and select “Create Private Server” from this menu.


If the game does not have an option to create a private server, it means that the game developer has not enabled this feature for their game.

Step 3: Configuring Server Settings

After selecting “Create Private Server,” you will be prompted to configure your server settings. These settings include:

  • Name: Give your private server a unique name that is easy for your friends or participants to recognize.
  • Allowed Users: Choose who can join your private server. You can set it so only your friends can join or allow anyone with the link access.
  • Pricing: Some games may require Robux or other in-game currency to create a private server. If prompted, follow the instructions to complete the payment process.


The options available may vary depending on the game you are playing.

Step 4: Generating the Private Server Link

Once you have configured your server settings, click on the “Generate Link” button. Roblox will then generate a unique link specifically for your private server.

Step 5: Sharing the Private Server Link

To invite friends or participants to your private server, simply copy the generated link and share it with them. You can do this by pasting the link into a chat message, email, or any other platform of your choice.

Step 6: Joining a Private Server via Link

If someone has shared a private server link with you, joining is simple. Click on the provided link, and Roblox will open in your browser or launch the desktop application if installed. You will be directed to the game’s page with an option to join the private server.


If prompted, make sure you are logged in to your Roblox account to join the private server successfully.

That’s it! You now know how to get a private server link on Roblox and invite others to join. Enjoy playing games with your friends in a more controlled environment!

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