How Do You Create a Table With Boolean Data Type in SQL?


Angela Bailey

Creating a table with a Boolean data type in SQL is a straightforward process that allows you to store true/false values in your database. In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps of creating a table with Boolean data type using SQL.

Step 1: Create a Database

Before we can create a table, we need to have a database. To create a new database, use the following SQL statement:

CREATE DATABASE your_database_name;

Replace `your_database_name` with the desired name for your database.

Step 2: Use the Database

Once you have created the database, you need to use it before creating the table. Use the following SQL statement:

USE your_database_name;

Replace `your_database_name` with the name of your newly created database.

Step 3: Create the Table

To create a table with Boolean data type, use the CREATE TABLE statement followed by the column name and its corresponding data type. In this case, we will use BOOLEAN as our data type. Here’s an example:

CREATE TABLE your_table_name (
    id INT,
    is_active BOOLEAN

In this example, we created a table called `your_table_name` with two columns: `id` of INT data type and `is_active` of BOOLEAN data type.

Step 4: Insert Data into the Table

Now that we have created our table, let’s insert some sample data into it. Use the INSERT INTO statement along with VALUES to specify the values for each column:

INSERT INTO your_table_name (id, is_active)
       (2, FALSE),
       (3, TRUE);

In this example, we inserted three rows into the table. The first row has an id of 1 and is_active value of TRUE.

The second row has an id of 2 and is_active value of FALSE. The third row has an id of 3 and is_active value of TRUE.

Step 5: Query the Table

Now that we have our table with Boolean data type and some sample data in it, let’s query the table to retrieve the information. Use the SELECT statement to query the table:

SELECT * FROM your_table_name;

This statement will return all rows from the `your_table_name` table.


In this tutorial, we learned how to create a table with Boolean data type in SQL. We walked through the steps of creating a database, using it, creating a table with BOOLEAN data type column, inserting data into the table, and querying the table.

By following these steps, you can easily create tables with Boolean data types in SQL and store true/false values efficiently in your database.

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