How Do You Copy a Discord Server Without Admin?


Larry Thompson

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to copy a Discord server without being an admin? Maybe you’ve come across a server with amazing features or a well-structured layout that you’d love to recreate for your own community.

While it may seem challenging, there are actually a few ways to achieve this. In this tutorial, we’ll explore different methods to copy a Discord server without administrative access.

Method 1: Manual Recreation

If you don’t have admin access to the server you want to copy, the most straightforward approach is to manually recreate it. While this method requires some effort, it allows you to customize the new server according to your preferences.

Step 1: Create a New Server

To begin, create a new server by clicking on the ‘+’ icon in the left sidebar of your Discord client. Give your new server an appropriate name and select an appropriate region.

Step 2: Set Up Channels

Create channels in your new server that match those in the original server. Take note of channel names, permissions, and categories. You can also use subheaders within each channel category for better organization.

Text Channels

  • Create text channels with similar names and set their permissions accordingly.
  • You can also copy over any pinned messages or custom channel settings if necessary.

Voice Channels

  • Create voice channels with matching names and set their permissions accordingly.
  • Add voice region restrictions if applicable.

Step 3: Roles and Permissions

  • Create roles that mirror those in the original server.
  • Set role permissions to match the original server’s permissions.

Step 4: Copy Emojis and Server Icon

  • If there are custom emojis or a specific server icon in the original server, upload them to your new server.

Step 5: Invite Members

  • Invite members from the original server to join your new server. However, keep in mind that you can only invite users who you are friends with on Discord.

Method 2: Using a Bot

If you’re not keen on manually recreating the entire server, you can use a Discord bot to automate certain aspects of the process. This method requires some technical knowledge but can save you time in the long run.

Step 1: Choose a Discord Bot

  • Select a reliable and trusted Discord bot that offers server copying functionality. Some popular options include MEE6, Dyno, and Carl-bot.
  • Add the chosen bot to your original server by visiting the bot’s website and authorizing it with the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Configure and Run the Bot

  • Once added to your original server, configure the bot’s settings according to your requirements. These settings may include choosing which channels or categories to copy over.
  • Run the bot’s copy command by following its documentation or using its designated prefix if applicable. The bot will begin copying over channels, roles, members, and other relevant data to your new server automatically.

Note: Some bots may require specific permissions or premium features for server copying functionality. Make sure to check the bot’s documentation for any limitations or requirements.


In conclusion, while copying a Discord server without admin access may seem challenging, it can be achieved through manual recreation or by using a Discord bot. The manual recreation method offers complete customization but requires more effort, while using a bot can automate certain aspects of the copying process.

Remember to respect server owners’ permissions and intentions when copying a server. It’s essential to obtain proper authorization before duplicating someone else’s server, especially for public communities or official servers.

Now that you know how to copy a Discord server without admin access, put your knowledge into practice and create your own thriving community!

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