How Do You Check Data Type?


Scott Campbell

How Do You Check Data Type?

When working with programming languages, it’s essential to know the data type of variables and values. This knowledge allows you to handle and manipulate data effectively. In this tutorial, we will explore different methods to check the data type in various programming languages.


In JavaScript, you can use the typeof operator to determine the type of a variable or value. This operator returns a string indicating the data type.

let num = 42;
console.log(typeof num); // Output: "number"

let str = "Hello, World!";
console.log(typeof str); // Output: "string"

let bool = true;
console.log(typeof bool); // Output: "boolean"


In Python, you can use the type() function to check the data type. It returns a class object that represents the type of the variable or value.

num = 42
print(type(num)) # Output: <class 'int'>

str = "Hello, World!"
print(type(str)) # Output: <class 'str'>

bool = True
print(type(bool)) # Output: <class 'bool'>


In C#, you can use the GetType() method to retrieve the runtime type information of an object. This method returns an instance of Type.

int num = 42;
Console.WriteLine(num.GetType()); // Output: System.Int32

string str = "Hello, World!";

bool b = true;


In Java, you can use the getClass() method to get the runtime class of an object. This method returns an instance of Class.

int num = 42;
System.out.println(num.getClass()); // Output: class java.lang.Integer

String str = "Hello, World!";

boolean bool = true;


In this tutorial, we explored different methods to check the data type in JavaScript, Python, C#, and Java. By using operators like typeof in JavaScript or functions like type() in Python, we can easily determine the data type of variables and values. Similarly, in C# and Java, we can use methods like GetType() and getClass(), respectively.

This knowledge is crucial while developing programs as it helps in debugging and ensuring that the code behaves as expected with different types of data.

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