How Do I Voice Chat in Discord Server?


Larry Thompson

Discord is a popular platform used by gamers, communities, and businesses alike for communication. While text chat is the default mode of communication, Discord also offers a voice chat feature that allows you to talk to other members in real-time. In this tutorial, we will explore how to voice chat in a Discord server.

Step 1: Join a Voice Channel

To start voice chatting in Discord, you need to first join a voice channel. Voice channels are specific channels within a server where users can gather and communicate using their microphones.

  • Open Discord: Launch the Discord application on your device.
  • Select Server: Choose the server where you want to voice chat from the left sidebar.
  • Browse Channels: Look for the list of channels within the selected server.
  • Join Voice Channel: Find a voice channel that suits your purpose and click on it to join. The channel name will be displayed at the top of your screen once you have successfully joined it.

Step 2: Adjust Voice Settings

To ensure optimal voice quality and settings that suit your preferences, it’s important to adjust your voice settings in Discord. Follow these steps:

  • User Settings: Click on the gear icon located at the bottom-left corner of the Discord window. This will open up User Settings.
  • Voice & Video: From the sidebar on the left, select “Voice & Video.

  • Select Input Device: Under “Input Device,” choose your preferred microphone from the dropdown menu. Make sure your microphone is properly connected and configured.
  • Adjust Input Sensitivity: Slide the “Input Sensitivity” bar to set the level at which your microphone will activate. You can test your microphone by speaking, and the indicator below will show if your voice is being detected.
  • Select Output Device: Under “Output Device,” choose the speakers or headphones you want to use for voice chat.
  • Choose Output Volume: Adjust the “Output Volume” slider to set the volume level of other participants in the voice channel.

Step 3: Start Voice Chatting

Now that you have joined a voice channel and adjusted your settings, you are ready to start voice chatting with others. Here’s how:

  • Voice Activity: By default, Discord uses “Voice Activity” mode, which means your microphone will be activated when it detects sound. Simply speak into your microphone whenever you want to communicate.
  • Push to Talk: If you prefer manual control over when your microphone is active, you can enable “Push to Talk” mode.

    In User Settings > Voice & Video, scroll down until you find “Push to Talk.” Set a keybind for activating your microphone while holding down the selected key.

Tips for Better Voice Chat Experience

  • Noise Reduction: Consider using noise reduction tools or software settings to minimize background noise during voice chats.
  • Mute and Unmute: Familiarize yourself with Discord’s mute and unmute shortcuts. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + M will toggle mute on/off.
  • Echo Cancellation: Enable the echo cancellation feature in Discord’s voice settings to reduce echo and feedback.

With these steps, you can now confidently participate in voice chats on Discord. Whether you’re coordinating with your gaming team or discussing important matters with your community, voice chat can enhance your communication experience.

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