How Do I Start the Web App Server in Matlab?


Scott Campbell

Starting the Web App Server in Matlab

If you want to deploy your Matlab application as a web app, you’ll need to start the web app server. The web app server allows users to access and interact with your application through a web browser. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to start the web app server in Matlab step by step.

Step 1: Create a Web App

The first thing you need to do is create a web app using the matlab.web.WebApp class. This class provides functions for creating and configuring your web app. You can specify the name, description, and other properties of your web app using the available methods of this class.

Step 2: Configure Your Web App

Once you have created your web app, you can configure it further using various settings. For example, you can set the title of your web page using the Title property or define custom CSS styles using the CssStyleSheet property. These configurations will make your web app visually appealing and enhance user experience.


  • Create a new instance of matlab.WebApp:

  • webApp = matlab.WebApp;

  • Set the title of your app:

  • webApp.Title = 'My Awesome Web App';

  • Configure custom CSS styles:

  • css = 'body { background-color: #f5f5f5; } h1 { color: #333333; }';
    webApp.CssStyleSheet = css;

  • Add any other desired configurations.

Step 3: Start the Web App Server

Now that you have created and configured your web app, it’s time to start the web app server. To do this, you can use the start method of the matlab. This method starts the server and makes your web app accessible through a specified port.


  • Start the web app server:

  • webApp.start();

  • The server will now be running at a specified port, usually http://localhost:port_number.


You have successfully started the web app server in Matlab. Your web app is now ready to be accessed by users through their web browsers. Remember to share the URL of your web app with others so they can experience your amazing application.

This tutorial walked you through the process of starting the web app server in Matlab. We covered creating a web app, configuring it, and finally starting the server. Now you can bring your Matlab applications to life on the web and reach a wider audience.

Harness the power of Matlab and create interactive web apps today!