How Do I Make My Discord Server Pretty?


Larry Thompson

Welcome to this tutorial on how to make your Discord server visually appealing! In this article, we will explore various HTML styling elements that you can use to enhance the appearance of your server. Let’s get started!

1. Customizing Your Server Name

The first step in making your Discord server pretty is to customize its name.

You can use the bold and underline tags to add emphasis and make it stand out. For example:

<b>My Awesome Server</b>
<u>My Cool Hangout</u>

2. Adding a Server Description

A well-crafted server description can attract more members.

You can use the bold tag to highlight important keywords or phrases. Here’s an example:

Welcome to our Gaming Paradise, where you can find fellow gamers and engage in thrilling adventures together!

3. Creating Channel Categories

To organize your channels effectively, create channel categories using subheaders such as


, etc. For example:

Gaming Channels:

  • #general-gaming
  • #fortnite-discussion
  • #minecraft-builds

Social Channels:

  • #introductions
  • #memes-and-funny-stuff
  • #music-recommendations

4. Styling Channel Names and Topics

You can style individual channel names and topics to make them more visually appealing. For instance, you can use the underline tag to emphasize specific words or phrases:


Topic: Welcome to our friendly and inclusive server!

5. Formatting Server Rules and Guidelines

When listing your server rules and guidelines, it’s important to make them clear and easy to read. You can use the


  • tags for a bullet-pointed list, as shown below:

    Server Rules:

    • No spamming or advertising
    • Be respectful to others
    • No NSFW content
    • No trolling or harassment
    • No excessive swearing

    Moderation Guidelines:

    • Kick for minor offenses
    • Ban for repeated violations or severe misconduct
    • Contact admins for assistance if needed

    Congratulations! You now have the knowledge to make your Discord server visually appealing.

    Remember to be creative and experiment with different HTML styling elements to achieve the desired look. Have fun creating your beautiful server!

    I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Stay tuned for more HTML tips and tricks!

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