How Do I Make My Discord Server Look Nice?


Larry Thompson

Are you looking to spruce up your Discord server and make it more visually appealing? With a few simple HTML styling elements, you can easily transform your server’s appearance. In this tutorial, we will explore how to make your Discord server look nice using various HTML styling elements.

1. Adding a Server Description

If you want to provide a brief overview of your server, adding a server description is key.

To make it stand out, you can use the bold styling element to highlight important keywords or phrases. For example:

Welcome to our Gaming Community!
Join us for epic gaming adventures, lively discussions, and friendly banter. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, we have something for everyone!

2. Creating Subchannels with Categories

Organizing your channels into categories can greatly enhance the navigation experience for your server members. To create subchannels with categories, use the underline styling element for the category name and the


  • elements for the subchannels within each category:

    Gaming Category:

    • #general
    • #strategy-games
    • #fps-games

    Social Category:

    • #introductions
    • #off-topic-discussion
    • #memes-and-funny-stuff

    3. Adding Emojis to Channel Names

    To add some flair to your channel names, consider incorporating emojis using Unicode characters or Discord custom emojis. They not only add visual appeal but also help differentiate between various channels.

    A place to discuss all things gaming-related. From the latest releases to upcoming tournaments, this channel has it all!

    4. Customizing Welcome and Goodbye Messages

    When someone joins or leaves your server, you can make their experience more memorable by customizing the welcome and goodbye messages. Use the bold styling element for a warm welcome or a heartfelt goodbye.

    Welcome, [new member]!
    We’re thrilled to have you join our community. Feel free to introduce yourself and make new friends along the way!

    Farewell, [leaving member]!
    We’ll miss you dearly. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we hope to see you again soon!

    5. Creating Announcement Channels

    To ensure important announcements are noticed, create dedicated announcement channels using the underline styling element for channel names:

    Stay updated with all the latest news, events, and important announcements regarding our server.

    In Conclusion

    By incorporating these HTML styling elements, you can transform your Discord server into a visually engaging and organized space. Remember to balance aesthetics with functionality to create an enjoyable experience for your server members.

    We hope this tutorial has helped you in making your Discord server look nice! Happy styling!

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