How Do I Make a MEE6 Discord Server?


Scott Campbell

Creating a MEE6 Discord server is a simple and straightforward process that allows you to enhance your server’s functionality and engagement. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to set up a MEE6 bot on your Discord server.

Step 1: Inviting MEE6 to Your Server

To get started, open your web browser and visit the MEE6 website. Once there, click on the “Login” button located at the top right corner of the page. You will be prompted to authorize MEE6 to access your Discord account.

Note: Make sure you have administrative privileges on the server where you want to add MEE6.

After authorizing MEE6, you will be redirected back to their website. Now, click on the “Add to Discord” button. You will see a list of all your servers; select the one where you want to add MEE6 by clicking on it.

MEE6 will now ask for certain permissions that are necessary for its proper functioning. Ensure that all required permissions are enabled, then click on “Authorize”.

Step 2: Configuring MEE6

Once added successfully, head over to your Discord server. You should see MEE6 listed in the sidebar of your server’s interface.

Note: If you can’t find MEE6 in your sidebar, make sure it has been granted sufficient permissions and is not muted or hidden in any way.

To configure MEE6 for your server, start by clicking on its name in the sidebar. This will open up the main dashboard.

Moderation Settings

Under the “Moderator” tab, you can set up various moderation tools to keep your server safe and clean. Here, you can enable features such as auto-moderation, word filters, and anti-spam measures.

Auto-Moderation: MEE6 offers a range of options to automatically moderate your server. You can configure it to delete messages that contain certain words or phrases, automatically ban users who violate specific rules, and much more.

Word Filters: With MEE6, you can create custom word filters to censor or block certain content in your server. This is particularly useful for preventing profanity or offensive language from being used.

Ranks and Levels

MEE6 also provides a unique leveling system that allows you to reward active members of your community. Under the “Levels” tab, you can customize the XP (experience points) requirements for each level and assign rewards such as roles or special permissions.

Step 3: Adding Custom Commands

MEE6 allows you to create custom commands that trigger specific actions or responses. To add a custom command, navigate to the “Commands” tab in the MEE6 dashboard.

Click on the “Create Command” button and specify the trigger word or phrase for your command. You can then define the action MEE6 will take when this command is used by someone in your server.

Step 4: Additional Features

MEE6 offers several other features that you can explore to enhance your Discord server further. These include music playback, giveaways, and even custom welcome messages for new members.

Music Playback

  • Create a voice channel specifically for music playback.
  • Ensure MEE6 has the necessary permissions to join and play music in that channel.
  • Use commands such as “!play” or “!skip” to control the music playback.


  • Set up giveaways using the “Giveaways” tab in the MEE6 dashboard.
  • Specify the duration, requirements, and prizes for your giveaway.
  • MEE6 will automatically handle the selection of winners once the giveaway ends.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up a MEE6 Discord server.

By following this tutorial, you can now take advantage of MEE6’s extensive features to enhance moderation, create custom commands, and even add entertainment value to your server with music playback and giveaways. Make sure to explore all the options available in the MEE6 dashboard to tailor it specifically to your server’s needs.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to visit the official MEE6 website or join their support server for help from their community.

Note: Keep in mind that while MEE6 is a powerful tool for managing and moderating your Discord server, it is essential to use it responsibly and in accordance with Discord’s terms of service. Always ensure you have permission from all users involved before implementing any automated actions or restrictions on your server.

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