How Do I Lock a Discord Server From People Joining?


Scott Campbell

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to create and manage their own servers. Whether you’re using Discord for gaming, work, or just to connect with friends, there may be times when you want to limit access to your server. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how you can lock a Discord server from people joining.

Step 1: Open Server Settings

To begin, open your Discord server and navigate to the top left corner where the server’s name is displayed. Right-click on the server’s name and select “Server Settings” from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Manage Server

In the Server Settings menu, look for the “Overview” tab on the left-hand side. Click on it to reveal a list of options related to managing your server.

Step 3: Change Server Privacy

Within the “Overview” tab, locate the “Privacy Settings” section. Here, you’ll find a toggle switch labeled “Server Privacy”. By default, this switch is set to “Public”, allowing anyone with an invite link or access to your server’s name to join.

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Step 4: Locking Your Server

To lock your Discord server from people joining, simply toggle the switch labeled “Server Privacy” to the “Private” position. This will restrict access to your server to only those who have been explicitly invited.

Additional Tips:

If you want to further secure your server, consider the following options:

  • Create invite-only channels: By default, new channels are accessible to all members. However, you can modify channel permissions to make them invite-only.

    This ensures that only invited individuals can access specific channels within your locked server.

  • Manage user roles: Assigning different roles to users grants varying levels of access and control over your Discord server. You can create and customize roles in the “Roles” tab within Server Settings.

Now that you know how to lock a Discord server from people joining, you can confidently protect your server’s privacy and ensure that only approved members are granted access. Remember, it’s important to regularly review and update your server settings as needed for optimal security.

Happy Discord-ing!

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