How Do I Let My Friends Join My Private Server in Shindo Life?


Angela Bailey

Are you playing Shindo Life and wondering how to let your friends join your private server? Look no further, as we have got you covered! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to easily invite your friends to join your private server in Shindo Life.

Step 1: Create a Private Server

If you want to play with your friends exclusively, the first step is to create a private server. To do this:

  • Step A: Launch Shindo Life and navigate to the main menu.
  • Step B: Click on the “Play” button, and then select “Private Server”.
  • Step C: Choose a game mode that suits your preferences and click on it.
  • Step D: Customize the settings of your private server, such as map selection and game rules.
  • Step E: Finally, click on “Create Server” to generate your private server.

Step 2: Invite Friends

The next step is to invite your friends to join your private server. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Step A: While in the game lobby, locate and click on the “Friends” tab.
  • Step B: On the Friends tab, you will find a list of players who are online or offline.
  • Step C: Find the friend you want to invite and click on their username.
  • Step D: A context menu will appear with various options. Click on “Invite to Server”.
  • Step E: Your friend will receive a notification inviting them to join your private server.

Step 3: Wait for Acceptance

After sending the invitation, your friend will need to accept it in order to join your private server. They will receive a notification indicating that you have sent them an invitation. They can accept the invite by following these steps:

  • Step A: Your friend should go to the “Friends” tab on their game menu.
  • Step B: In the “Invites” section, they will see your invitation.
  • Step C: They can click on the invitation and select “Accept” to join your private server.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

To ensure a smooth experience while playing in a private server with your friends, here are some additional tips:

Create Rules and Guidelines

To avoid any confusion or conflicts, consider discussing and establishing rules or guidelines for gameplay in your private server. This way, everyone can have an enjoyable experience while playing together.

Maintain Good Communication

Communication is key when playing with friends. Utilize in-game chat features or external communication platforms like Discord to coordinate strategies, share information, and have fun conversations while playing together.

Respect Privacy Settings

If you are having trouble inviting specific friends, check if their privacy settings allow receiving invitations or joining private servers. If needed, ask them to adjust their settings accordingly.

You are now ready to create a private server in Shindo Life and invite your friends to join you. Enjoy playing together and have a blast exploring the world of Shindo Life!

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