How Do I Join Innersloth Discord Server?


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Joining the Innersloth Discord server is a great way to connect with fellow gamers and enthusiasts. Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to chat, voice chat, share files, and participate in gaming communities. To join the Innersloth Discord server, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Create a Discord Account

If you don’t already have a Discord account, head over to the Discord website and click on the “Login” button located at the top right corner of the page. From there, you can either sign up using your email address or link your existing account with services like Google or Facebook.

Joining the Server

Once you have created your Discord account and logged in, it’s time to join the Innersloth Discord server. You can do this in two ways:

Method 1: Invitation Link

The easiest way to join is by clicking on an invitation link provided by someone who is already a member of the Innersloth server. This link will redirect you to Discord where you’ll be prompted to confirm joining the server.

Simply click on “Join Server” and voila! You are now part of the Innersloth community.

Method 2: Manual Joining

If you don’t have an invitation link handy, don’t worry! You can still manually join the Innersloth server by following these steps:

  • Step 1: On your Discord home screen, look for the “+” button located on the left-hand side panel. Click on it.
  • Step 2: A pop-up menu will appear with two options: “Create a server” and “Join a server.” Select the latter.
  • Step 3: A new window will open with an input field asking for an invite link or code.

    This is where you need to enter the Innersloth server’s invitation link. If you don’t have one, kindly refer to Method 1 to obtain it.

  • Step 4: After pasting the invitation link, click on the “Join” button.

Note: Some servers may have additional verification steps, such as solving a CAPTCHA or waiting for approval from a moderator. These steps ensure that the server remains safe and spam-free.

Exploring the Innersloth Discord Server

Congratulations! You are now a member of the Innersloth Discord server.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the different channels and features available. Here are some key elements you should know about:


The server is divided into different channels based on topics or purposes. Channels can be dedicated to general discussions, game strategies, announcements, artwork, or even off-topic conversations. Browse through the various channels and join those that interest you.


Servers often have roles assigned to members to help manage permissions and responsibilities. Roles can indicate moderators, administrators, or special members who contribute actively to the community. Pay attention to any role-related information provided in channel descriptions or pinned messages.

Voice Channels

In addition to text-based channels, Discord also offers voice channels where users can chat in real-time using their microphones. Voice channels are great for coordinating gameplay sessions or simply hanging out with fellow gamers.

Engaging with the Community

Now that you’re part of the Innersloth Discord server, it’s time to start engaging with the community. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your experience:

  • Introduce Yourself: Take a moment to introduce yourself in the designated channel. Share your gaming interests, favorite games, or any other information you’d like fellow members to know.
  • Participate in Discussions: Engage in conversations happening across different channels.

    Share your thoughts, ask questions, or provide insights on ongoing topics.

  • Respect Others: Remember to be respectful and considerate towards fellow members. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • Follow Server Rules: Every server has its own set of rules and guidelines. Make sure to read and follow them to maintain a healthy and enjoyable environment for everyone.

By following these steps and actively participating in the Innersloth Discord server, you’ll be able to connect with other players, share your experiences, and stay updated on all things related to Innersloth games like Among Us.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Innersloth Discord server today and become a part of an amazing gaming community!

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