How Do I Join a Specific Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Welcome to this tutorial on how to join a specific Discord server! If you’re new to Discord or simply looking to join a specific server, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to join a Discord server of your choice.


In order to join a Discord server, you’ll need a few things:

  • A Discord Account: If you don’t have an account yet, head over to the Discord website and sign up for free.
  • The Invite Link: You’ll need an invite link from the server or someone who has access to it. This link is unique for every server and allows you to join directly.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open Discord

If you haven’t already, open the Discord application on your device. You can use the desktop app or access it through your web browser.

Step 2: Navigate to the Home Screen

Once you’re in the Discord app, click on the home icon located in the top-left corner of your screen. This will take you back to your home screen where all your servers are listed.

Step 3: Click on “Add Server”

In the left sidebar of the home screen, there is a plus sign icon labeled “Add Server”. Click on it to proceed.

Step 4: Choose “Join a Server”

A pop-up window will appear with two options – “Create a Server” and “Join a Server”. Select “Join a Server” by clicking on it.

Step 5: Enter the Invite Link

Now, you’ll need the invite link to the server you want to join. Copy the invite link provided by the server admin or your friend and paste it into the designated text box.

Step 6: Click “Join”

Once you have pasted the invite link, click on the “Join” button located at the bottom-right corner of the window. Discord will then process your request and join you to the desired server.


You have successfully joined a specific Discord server! Now, you can start interacting with other members, participating in discussions, and enjoying various features offered by that server.

I hope this tutorial was helpful in guiding you through the process of joining a specific Discord server. Now go ahead and explore all that Discord has to offer!

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