How Do I Join a Pokemon Go Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Welcome to this tutorial on how to join a Pokemon Go Discord server! If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player looking to connect with fellow trainers, joining a Discord server is a great way to do so.

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to create and join communities called servers. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of joining a Pokemon Go Discord server.

Step 1: Sign Up for Discord

If you haven’t already, head over to the Discord website and sign up for an account. You can choose to create a new account or sign in with your existing Google or Facebook credentials.

Step 2: Download and Install the Discord App

To enhance your experience, it’s recommended to download and install the Discord app on your desktop or mobile device. The app provides additional features and better performance compared to using Discord in a web browser.

Step 3: Navigate to the Server Discovery Page

Once you have logged into your Discord account, click on the plus icon (+) located on the left sidebar. This will open the Server Discovery page where you can search for Pokemon Go servers.


If you already have an invite link for a specific server, you can skip Step 3 and proceed directly to Step 4.

Step 4: Search for Pokemon Go Servers

In the search bar at the top of the Server Discovery page, type “Pokemon Go” or any related keywords. You will see a list of servers related to Pokemon Go.

  • Bold Text Tip: Make sure to choose a server with active members and discussions.
  • Bold Text Tip: Look for servers that have a specific focus, such as raid coordination, trading, or general discussions, depending on your preferences.

Step 5: Join a Pokemon Go Server

Once you find a server that interests you, click on the server name to view more details. Read the server description and rules to make sure it aligns with your interests and playstyle.

  • Bold Text Tip: Some servers may require you to link your Pokemon Go account or follow certain guidelines before joining. Make sure to follow these instructions if applicable.

If everything looks good, click on the “Join Server” button to become a member of the Pokemon Go Discord server.

Step 6: Explore and Engage in the Server

Congratulations! You have successfully joined a Pokemon Go Discord server. Take some time to explore different channels within the server and get familiar with its structure.

  • Bold Text Tip: Introduce yourself in the dedicated introduction channel to let other members know you’re new and eager to participate.
  • Bold Text Tip: Pay attention to any pinned messages or announcements that provide important information about events, rules, or community guidelines.
  • Bold Text Tip: Engage in conversations, ask questions, share your experiences, and contribute positively to make the most out of your Discord experience!

By following these steps, you can easily join a Pokemon Go Discord server and connect with like-minded trainers. Remember to respect the rules and guidelines of each server and be a supportive member of the community. Happy hunting!

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