How Do I Join a Discord Server on Safari?


Larry Thompson

How Do I Join a Discord Server on Safari?

Discord is a popular platform for communication and community building among gamers, developers, and various interest groups. Joining a Discord server allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, participate in discussions, and access exclusive content. If you’re using Safari as your web browser, here’s how you can join a Discord server:

Step 1: Open Safari and Visit the Discord Website

Launch Safari on your device and go to the official Discord website by typing “” in the address bar.

Step 2: Login or Sign Up

If you already have a Discord account, proceed to log in with your credentials. If not, click on the “Register” button to create a new account.

Step 3: Explore Discord Servers

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be directed to the Discord home page. Here, you can browse through various servers by clicking on the “Explore Public Servers” button on the left sidebar.

Option 1: Browse Categories

  • Browse by Categories: You can explore servers based on different categories such as gaming, technology, art, music, etc. Click on a category that interests you.
  • Browse by Popular Tags: Alternatively, you can choose from popular tags listed below the categories section. These tags represent common interests within the Discord community.

Option 2: Search for Servers

If you have a specific server in mind or want to find one related to a particular topic or community, use the search bar at the top of the page. Enter relevant keywords and hit enter to see the search results.

Step 4: Join a Server

Once you find a server you’d like to join, click on it to view its details. Read the server description, rules, and announcements to get an idea of what the server is about.

Option 1: Instant Join

If the server allows instant join, you’ll see a “Join” button next to its name. Simply click on it, and you’ll become a member instantly.

Option 2: Request Access

In some cases, servers may require you to request access before joining. If this is the case, click on the “Request Access” button and follow any instructions provided by the server administrators.

Step 5: Interact in Discord Server

After successfully joining a Discord server, you can start engaging with other members through text chats, voice channels, or by sharing media. Feel free to introduce yourself or participate in ongoing conversations based on your interests.

Note: Some servers may have additional verification steps or specific entry requirements. Make sure to read and follow any guidelines provided by the server administrators to ensure a smooth joining process.

Congratulations! You now know how to join a Discord server using Safari. Explore different communities, make new friends, and enjoy your time on Discord!

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