How Do I Invite Someone to My Private Non Dedicated Server on Ark?


Larry Thompson

If you’re an avid Ark player, you may have your own private non-dedicated server that you want to invite your friends to. While the process may seem a bit confusing at first, it’s actually quite simple once you know the steps. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to invite someone to your private non-dedicated server on Ark.

Step 1: Open the In-Game Menu

To get started, open up your Ark game and navigate to the main menu. From there, click on the “Host/Local” option.

Step 2: Choose Your Server

Next, select the server that you want to invite your friends to. If you haven’t created a server yet, you’ll need to do so by clicking on the “Create New” button and setting up your own private non-dedicated server.

Step 3: Access Server Settings

Once you’ve selected or created your server, scroll down to find the “Server Settings” option. Click on it to access the settings for your server.

Step 4: Enable Multiplayer Mode

In order for your friends to join your private non-dedicated server, you need to enable multiplayer mode. Look for the “Multiplayer Session” option and toggle it on.

Step 5: Invite Friends

Now that multiplayer mode is enabled, it’s time to invite your friends! To do this, go back to the main menu and click on the “Invite Friends” button.


If your friends are playing Ark on a different platform (e.g., Xbox One vs PC), make sure that cross-play is enabled in the server settings.

Step 6: Send Invitations

After clicking on “Invite Friends,” a list of your friends will appear. Select the friends you want to invite and click on the “Invite” button. This will send them an invitation to join your private non-dedicated server.


Make sure that your friends are online and playing Ark at the time you send the invitations.

Step 7: Accept Invitations

Once your friends receive the invitations, they need to accept them in order to join your private non-dedicated server. They can do this by going to their in-game menu, selecting “Join Ark,” and accepting the invitation from there.

Step 8: Enjoy Playing Together!

Congratulations! You have successfully invited someone to join your private non-dedicated server on Ark. Now you can enjoy exploring, building, and surviving together in this thrilling prehistoric world.

Remember: Your private non-dedicated server has limitations in terms of distance from the host player, so make sure everyone stays relatively close to avoid separation from each other within the game world.

  • To recap:
  • – Open the in-game menu
  • – Choose your server
  • – Access server settings
  • – Enable multiplayer mode
  • – Invite friends
  • – Send invitations
  • – Accept invitations
  • – Enjoy playing together!

We hope this guide has been helpful in teaching you how to invite someone to your private non-dedicated server on Ark. Happy gaming!

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