How Do I Invite Owo to a Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Welcome to this tutorial on how to invite Owo to a Discord server! If you’re looking to add some fun and interactive features to your server, Owo is the perfect bot for you. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of inviting Owo using Discord’s invite system.

Step 1: Find Owo on Discord Bots Websites

The first step is to find Owo on one of the popular Discord bot listing websites. These websites provide a platform for developers to showcase their bots and for users like you to discover and invite them. Some popular bot listing websites include,, and

Once you’ve landed on one of these websites, use the search bar or browse through the categories to find Owo. Once you’ve found it, click on its profile to learn more about its features and commands.

Step 2: Authorize Owo

After landing on Owo’s profile page, look for an “Add” or “Invite” button. This button will take you to Discord’s authorization page.

On the authorization page, you’ll be asked to select a server where you want to add Owo. Select the desired server from the dropdown menu and click “Authorize” or “Add Bot” (the text may vary depending on the website).

Note: You need appropriate permissions in the server (such as being an administrator) in order to add a bot.

Step 3: Configure Permissions

Once authorized, Discord will display a list of permissions that Owo requires to function properly. These permissions define what actions the bot can perform on your server. Make sure to review these permissions and adjust them according to your preferences.

Common permissions requested by bots include “Manage Messages” (to delete messages), “Kick Members” (to kick users from the server), and “Ban Members” (to ban users from the server). Remember, granting excessive permissions to a bot can be risky, so be cautious when configuring them.

Step 4: Verify Owo’s Presence

After configuring the permissions, you’ll be redirected back to your Discord server. Look for Owo in the list of available bots on the right side of the screen. If you don’t see it, try refreshing or reopening Discord.

To ensure that Owo is functioning correctly, you can type a command like “!help” in any text channel. If Owo responds with a list of available commands, congratulations! You’ve successfully invited and set up Owo on your Discord server.


In this tutorial, we’ve walked you through the steps of inviting Owo to a Discord server. We started by finding Owo on popular bot listing websites, then authorized it using Discord’s authorization system. Next, we configured the required permissions and verified that Owo was present on our server.

Owo is a versatile bot that can add various features and interactions to your Discord server. You can explore its commands and features further by visiting its documentation or typing “!help” command in any text channel.

Enjoy using Owo and have fun customizing your Discord server!

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