How Do I Find the Web Server Type?


Heather Bennett

Finding the Web Server Type

Have you ever wondered what kind of web server a website is using? Whether you’re curious about the technology behind a particular website or you’re conducting research for your own project, finding the web server type can provide valuable insights. In this article, we will explore various methods to discover the web server type.

1. Using Online Tools

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to determine the web server type, online tools can come in handy.

These tools are designed to analyze websites and provide information about their server configuration. One popular tool is WhatWeb, which allows you to enter a website’s URL and it will return details about the server software being used.

2. Inspecting HTTP Response Headers

Another method to find the web server type is by inspecting the HTTP response headers.

When your browser makes a request to a website, it receives an HTTP response containing various headers that provide information about the server. To access these headers, simply open your browser’s developer tools, navigate to the Network tab, and reload the webpage. Look for the Response Headers section and find the Server header, which typically indicates the web server type.


The steps mentioned above may vary slightly depending on your browser. However, most modern browsers offer developer tools with similar functionality.

3. Checking DNS Records

In some cases, you can determine the web server type by checking a website’s Domain Name System (DNS) records.

DNS records contain important information about domain names and their associated servers. To check DNS records, you can use online tools like DNS Lookup. By entering a domain name into these tools, you can retrieve the DNS records, including the web server type.

4. Analyzing Server Error Pages

When a website encounters an error, it often displays an error page with details about the issue.

By analyzing these error pages, you may be able to find clues about the web server type. Look for any specific error messages or server-generated pages that reveal information about the underlying technology.


In conclusion, there are several methods you can use to find the web server type. Online tools, inspecting HTTP response headers, checking DNS records, and analyzing server error pages are all effective approaches. By utilizing these techniques, you can gain valuable insights into the technology stack behind a website and enhance your understanding of web servers.

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