How Do I Find My Web Server Type?


Angela Bailey

Finding your web server type can be a valuable piece of information, especially when troubleshooting or optimizing your website. Whether you are a developer, system administrator, or simply curious about the technology powering a website, this article will guide you on how to find your web server type.

To determine the web server type, you can employ various methods. Let’s explore some popular techniques:

1. Check the Response Headers:
One way to identify the web server type is by inspecting the response headers sent by the server.

To do this, you can use browser developer tools or command-line tools like cURL. Simply send a request to the desired URL and examine the response headers for a field called “Server.” It typically indicates the web server software being used.

Example using cURL:

$ curl -I

The output may include a line like:

Server: Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu)

In this example, Apache is the web server software being used.

2. Look for Server-Specific Pages:
Web servers often have default pages that provide information about their installation or configuration. These pages are usually accessible at predefined URLs and can reveal details about the web server type.

Common Server-Specific Pages:

By visiting these URLs (replace “” with your own domain), you may find information about your web server type.

3. Use Online Tools:
Several online tools can help you determine the web server type. These tools analyze the server’s response headers or perform other techniques to identify the software running behind a website.

Popular Online Tools:

These tools provide additional insights into the technologies used on a website, including the web server type.


Identifying your web server type is an essential step in understanding and optimizing your website’s infrastructure. By inspecting response headers, exploring server-specific pages, or utilizing online tools, you can easily discover which web server software powers a particular website.

Remember that websites can use various technologies and may employ different servers for different purposes. Therefore, it’s beneficial to cross-reference multiple methods to determine the accurate web server type.

Now that you are equipped with these techniques, go ahead and explore the fascinating world of web servers!

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