How Do I Find My Discord Server Profile Picture?


Larry Thompson

Are you looking to change or update your Discord server profile picture? Finding the right image for your server can help create a unique and engaging online community. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to find and set your Discord server profile picture.

Step 1: Open Discord

To begin, open the Discord application on your computer or launch the Discord website in your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Access Server Settings

Once you are logged in to Discord, locate the server where you want to change the profile picture. On the left-hand side of the screen, find the server list and click on the desired server name.

This will open up that specific server.

Next, look for a small down-arrow icon located next to the server name at the top-left corner of your screen. Click on this icon to reveal a dropdown menu.

Step 3: Choose Server Settings

In the dropdown menu, you will see various options related to managing your server. Look for “Server Settings” and click on it.

Step 4: Navigate to Server Overview

In this step, you will be taken to a new page with several tabs on the left side of your screen. Look for “Overview” and click on it. This tab contains general information about your server.

Step 5: Find Profile Picture Settings

In this section, scroll down until you see a box labeled “Server Icon.” This is where you can upload or change your Discord server profile picture.


If you are an admin or have appropriate permissions:

  • You can directly click on “Edit” located on the top-right corner of the “Server Icon” box. This will allow you to upload or select a new image from your computer.
  • Click on “Upload Image” to choose an image file from your local storage.
  • Select the desired image and click on “Open” to upload it.
  • Once the upload is complete, click on “Save Changes” to apply the new server profile picture.

If you do not have permission:

  • You can ask an admin or server owner to change the profile picture for you.
  • Provide them with the desired image file and ask them to follow the steps mentioned above.

Step 6: Confirm Changes

After following the above steps, your Discord server profile picture should be updated. To confirm this, go back to your server and check if the new image is now visible at the top-left corner of your screen.

Congratulations! You have successfully found and set your Discord server profile picture. Remember, you can always change it again in the future by following these simple steps.

We hope this tutorial was helpful in guiding you through the process. Enjoy customizing your Discord server profile picture!

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