How Do I Enable Server Stats in Discord?


Angela Bailey

Are you interested in tracking the activity and performance of your Discord server? Enabling server stats can provide you with valuable insights into the activities of your members, such as who is online, their status, and even which games they are currently playing. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of enabling server stats in Discord.

Step 1: Open Server Settings

To enable server stats, you need to have administrative privileges on your Discord server. Open Discord and navigate to your desired server.

From the top-left corner, click on the name of your server to open the drop-down menu. At the bottom of this menu, click on “Server Settings”.

Step 2: Select Overview

In the Server Settings menu, you will find several tabs on the left-hand side. Click on “Overview” to access an overview of your server’s settings and statistics.

Step 3: Enable Server Stats

In the Overview tab, scroll down until you find a section called “Server Stats”. Here you will see a toggle switch labeled “Enable Server Stats”. Click on the switch to enable this feature.


The ability to enable server stats may vary depending on whether you are using a public or private Discord server.

Step 4: Customize Server Stats

Once enabled, you can customize which information is displayed in your server stats. You can choose between three options:

  • All Members: This option displays all members of your server.
  • Online Members: This option only displays members who are currently online.
  • All Members with Roles: This option displays all members who have assigned roles.

Select the option that suits your needs by clicking on the corresponding radio button. The changes will be applied automatically.

Step 5: View Server Stats

Now that you have enabled and customized your server stats, you can view them by returning to your Discord server. On the right-hand side, you will see a new panel displaying the server stats information based on your chosen settings.


The server stats panel may not be visible if there is limited screen space or if you have collapsed it. In such cases, look for a small arrow or icon that indicates the presence of additional panels and click on it to expand the server stats panel.

Congratulations! You have successfully enabled server stats in Discord.

You can now keep track of important information about your server members and their activities. Enjoy exploring this new feature!

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