How Do I Enable Scripting in SAP 740?


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How Do I Enable Scripting in SAP 740?

If you are using SAP 740 and want to enable scripting, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Accessing the SAP GUI Options

To begin, open the SAP GUI application on your computer. Once the application is open, click on the “Customize Local Layout” button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

From the drop-down menu, select “Options. “

Step 2: Navigating to Scripting Settings

In the “Options” window, navigate to the “Scripting” tab. Here, you will find various settings related to scripting in SAP.

Step 2.1: Enabling Scripting on a Local Machine

If you wish to enable scripting on your local machine only, check the box next to “Enable Scripting.” You can also choose whether to allow scripting with password or not by selecting the appropriate checkbox.2: Enabling Scripting for All Users

If you want to enable scripting for all users on your system, click on the “Enable” button under “Scripting User Settings.” A new window will appear with various options.

Step 2.2.1: Activating and Deactivating Scripting

In this window, you can choose whether to activate or deactivate scripting for all users by selecting the respective checkboxes. Additionally, you can also specify if script recording should be allowed or restricted.2: Specifying Trust Level Settings

Beneath script activation settings, you will find options related to trust level settings. You can specify whether to allow scripting for trusted applications or not. If you choose to allow scripting for trusted applications, you can define the trust level by selecting the appropriate radio button.

Step 3: Saving and Applying Changes

Once you have made the necessary changes, click on the “Apply” button to save your settings. You may need administrative rights on your computer to apply these changes. After applying the settings, restart your SAP GUI application for the changes to take effect.

Note: Enabling scripting in SAP may pose security risks. Ensure that you understand the implications and consult with your system administrator before making any changes.


The ability to enable scripting in SAP 740 allows for greater flexibility and automation in performing various tasks. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily enable scripting either locally or for all users on your system. However, it is important to consider security implications before enabling this feature.

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