How Do I Copy Someone Else’s Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

So, you want to learn how to copy someone else’s Discord server? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process step by step. But before we begin, it’s important to note that copying someone else’s Discord server without their permission is not recommended and can be a violation of Discord’s Terms of Service. Always respect the work and effort put into creating a server.

Step 1: Get Permission

Before proceeding any further, make sure you have obtained permission from the owner of the Discord server you wish to copy. This is crucial as it ensures that you are not infringing on anyone’s intellectual property rights or violating any rules. Once you have obtained the necessary consent, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Create a New Server

To begin copying a Discord server, start by creating a new server of your own. This will serve as your workspace where you can recreate the structure and settings of the original server.

  • Step 2.1: Open Discord and log in to your account.
  • Step 2.2: On the left-hand side panel, click on the plus (+) icon next to “Servers”.3: Choose “Create a Server” from the options.4: Give your new server a unique name and select an appropriate region.5: Customize your server further by adding an icon or splash image if desired.

Step 3: Recreate Channels and Categories

Channels and categories are essential components of a Discord server. They help organize discussions, voice chats, and various other forms of communication. To copy someone else’s server, you will need to recreate these channels and categories.

  • Step 3.1: On your newly created server, right-click on the server name and select “Create Category”.
  • Step 3.2: Give the category a name that matches the original server’s category.3: Repeat this process for each category you wish to replicate.4: Within each category, create channels based on the original server’s structure.5: Customize channel settings such as permissions and topic if desired.

Step 4: Configure Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions play a crucial role in managing a Discord server. They determine who can perform specific actions within the server, such as moderating channels or inviting new members. To copy someone else’s Discord server effectively, configure roles and permissions accordingly.

  • Step 4.1: In your new server settings, click on the “Roles” tab.
  • Step 4.2: Create roles that match those in the original server.3: Assign each role appropriate permissions based on their corresponding role in the original server.4: Customize role colors if desired to match the visual aesthetic of the copied server.

Step 5: Copy Server Features

Discord offers various features beyond just text and voice channels. These features include emojis, server boosts, and integrations with other applications. To fully replicate someone else’s server, pay attention to these additional features.

  • Step 5.1: Add custom emojis that are similar to the ones used in the original server.
  • Step 5.2: Consider boosting your new server to unlock additional perks and benefits.3: If the original server had any integrations with external applications, set them up in your new server as well.

Step 6: Invite Members

Lastly, once you have recreated the structure and settings of the original Discord server, it’s time to invite members to join your new server.

  • Step 6.1: Generate an invite link by clicking on the down arrow next to your server name.
  • Step 6.2: Customize invite settings such as expiration date and maximum uses if desired.3: Share the invite link with others who were part of the original server or those you wish to join.

In Conclusion

Copying someone else’s Discord server is a process that requires careful attention to detail and respect for others’ work. Remember always to obtain permission before proceeding and ensure you are not violating any rules or terms of service.

Note: This tutorial is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used for unethical actions or copyright infringement.

I hope this tutorial has helped guide you through copying a Discord server effectively!

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