How Do I Change the Data Type to Short Text in Access?


Angela Bailey

Changing the Data Type to Short Text in Access

Access is a powerful database management system that allows you to store, organize, and manipulate large amounts of data. One of the key aspects of working with a database is defining the data types for each field.

By specifying the appropriate data type, you can ensure the accuracy and consistency of your data. In this tutorial, we will focus on changing the data type to Short Text in Access.

Step 1: Open your Access Database

To begin, launch Microsoft Access and open your database. If you don’t have an existing database, you can create a new one by selecting “Blank Database” from the available templates.

Step 2: Open the Table

Once your database is open, locate the table for which you want to change the data type. Double-click on the table name to open it in “Datasheet View”.

Step 3: Select the Field

In Datasheet View, each column represents a field in your table. Identify the field for which you want to change the data type and click on its column header to select it.

Step 4: Accessing Field Properties

With the desired field selected, navigate to the “Fields & Columns” section in the “Table Tools” tab that appears at the top of your screen when working with tables. Click on “Design View” to access field properties.

Step 5: Changing Data Type

In Design View, you will see a list of properties for each field in your table. Locate the “Data Type” property and click on its dropdown menu.

From there, select “Short Text” as your desired data type.


When changing the data type to Short Text, keep in mind that it allows alphanumeric characters, symbols, and spaces. If you require specific formatting or character restrictions, consider other data types such as Number or Date/Time.

Step 6: Saving Changes

After selecting “Short Text” as the new data type for your field, save your changes by clicking on the “Save” button in the upper-left corner of the Access window. You can also use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + S.

Step 7: Testing

To ensure that your changes have been successfully applied, navigate back to Datasheet View by closing the Design View or by selecting “Datasheet View” from the “View” dropdown menu. Enter some sample data into the field with the changed data type and verify that it accepts alphanumeric characters without any issues.


If you encounter any errors or unexpected behavior while entering data, double-check your field properties and make sure that they are configured correctly.

  • Conclusion:

In this tutorial, we learned how to change the data type to Short Text in Access. By following these simple steps, you can modify the data type for a specific field in your table. Remember to consider your data requirements when choosing a suitable data type to ensure accurate storage and retrieval of information.

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