How Do I Change the Currency Data Type in Access?


Heather Bennett

Changing the currency data type in Access is a common task that many users need to perform. The currency data type is ideal for storing monetary values, such as prices or financial figures, as it ensures accurate calculations and formatting. In this tutorial, we will explore the different methods to change the currency data type in Access.

Method 1: Changing the Data Type in Design View

1. Open your database in Microsoft Access. 2. Select the table that contains the field you want to change to the currency data type. 3. Right-click on the field name and choose “Design View” from the context menu.

4. In Design View, locate the “Data Type” column for the field you want to modify. 5. Click on the drop-down arrow and select “Currency” from the list of available options. 6. Save your changes by clicking on the disk icon or pressing Ctrl+S.

Note: Changing the data type may result in loss of data if there are values that cannot be converted to currency format.

Method 2: Using SQL to Alter Data Type

If you prefer using SQL commands, you can also change the currency data type using an ALTER TABLE statement.

1. Open your database and switch to SQL view by clicking on “SQL” in the toolbar or selecting it from the View menu.

2. Enter a SQL statement similar to this:

ALTER TABLE table_name 

Replace `table_name` with your actual table name and `column_name` with your actual column name.

3. Execute your SQL statement by clicking on the exclamation mark icon or pressing F5.

Method 3: Converting Data Using Functions

If you already have a field with a different data type but want to convert it into a currency format, you can use conversion functions like CCur() or CCurN(). Open your database and switch to Query Design View. Add the table containing the field you want to convert.

3. In the Field row, enter an expression using one of the conversion functions mentioned above. For example:

ConvertedField: CCur([YourFieldName])

Replace `[YourFieldName]` with the actual name of your field.

4. Run the query to create a new field with the converted data type.


Changing the currency data type in Access is a straightforward process that can be done using either Design View, SQL statements, or conversion functions. Whether you prefer a graphical interface or SQL commands, Access provides various methods to cater to your needs.

Remember to backup your database before making any changes to avoid data loss. With these methods at your disposal, you can confidently modify your database’s data types to ensure accurate calculations and formatting for monetary values.

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