How Do I Change the Chart Type in Google Data Studio?


Larry Thompson

How Do I Change the Chart Type in Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that allows you to create visually appealing and interactive reports and dashboards. One of the key features of Data Studio is its ability to create various types of charts to represent your data.

In this tutorial, we will explore how to change the chart type in Google Data Studio.

Step 1: Open Your Report

Before we can change the chart type, we need to open our report in Google Data Studio. Once you have logged into your Google account and accessed Data Studio, navigate to your desired report.

Step 2: Select the Chart

To change the chart type, first select the chart you want to modify. Click on the chart to highlight it.

Step 3: Access the Chart Type Options

Once you have selected the chart, a menu bar will appear at the top of your screen with various options. Look for an icon that resembles a bar graph or charts.

Click on this icon to access the chart type options.


  • If you are using a default chart:
    • If you are using one of the default charts provided by Data Studio, such as a bar chart or line chart, you can directly access the chart type options by clicking on the “Chart type” button located on the menu bar.
    • A dropdown menu will appear with a list of available chart types.
    • Select your desired chart type from the list.
    • The selected chart type will be applied to your existing data without any additional configuration required.
  • If you are using a custom chart:
    • If you have created a custom chart using Data Studio’s “Community Visualizations” feature or by adding custom code, you will need to access the chart type options through the “Edit Chart” option.
    • Click on the “Edit Chart” option located on the menu bar.
    • A new window will open, displaying your custom chart configuration.
    • Within this window, you can find the chart type options and modify them as desired.

    Step 4: Preview and Apply Changes

    After selecting your desired chart type, preview the changes before applying them. This allows you to see how your data will be represented in the new chart format.

    To preview the changes, look for a “Preview” button or a similar option. Click on it to generate a preview of your updated chart.

    If you are satisfied with the preview, click on the “Apply” or “Save” button to apply the changes to your report. Your chart will now be updated with the new selected chart type.

    Keep in mind that changing the chart type may require additional configuration depending on the selected type. Some types of charts may require specific data formatting or additional settings to display correctly.

    It is always recommended to review and adjust any necessary settings after changing the chart type to ensure accurate representation of your data.


    Changing the chart type in Google Data Studio is a straightforward process that allows you to customize and enhance your reports. By following these steps, you can easily modify existing charts or experiment with different visual representations of your data.

    Remember to preview and adjust any necessary configurations for optimal results.

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